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Yes but no bigger than its diameter

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Q: Can a chord be different legths on a given circle?
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Why can a chord be different lengths on a given circle?

Because it's a chord not a diameter.

Brenda thinks that a chord can be many different lengths on a given circle. Is he right?

Yes but a chord cannot be bigger than the circle's diameter which is its largest chord.

How do you find the radius given the chord length?

If you are given a chord length of a circle, unless you are given more information about the chord, you can not determine what the radius of the circle will be. This is because the chord length in a circle can vary from a length of (essentially) 0, up to a length of double the radius (the diameter). The best you can say about the radius if given the chord length, is that the length of the radius is at least as long has half half the chord length.

Can a chord be in many different lengths on a given circle?

Yes, any length - from virtually zero to that of the diameter.

How do you calculate the coordinates of chord given the length of radius and chord?

You cannot. If you rotate the circle around its centre, the lengths of the radius and chord will remain the same but the coordinates of the chord will change.

How do you find radius of a circle if cord length is given?

The longest chord in a circle is its diameter and halve of this is its radius.

What name is given to a line segment with endpoints on the circle?

The name is "chord".If the line segment happens to go through the center of the circle, thenit is also given the additional name "diameter", and no other chord in thesame circle can be longer than that one is.

Why is the diameter the longest chord?

A chord is a straight line from one point on a circle's circumference to another. Because the largest straight line distance in a circle is the diameter and the diameter is also a chord, the diameter is the longest chord. Join the endpoints of a given chord to the center of the circle to form an isosceles triangle. The triangle inequality then tells that the length of the chord is less than two radii of the circle, i.e., less than the diameter. See related links.

What is diameter in geometry?

diameter refers to the area across a circle through its center. it is the longest chord possible for any given circle.

How do you find the radius of a circle if you know the length of a chord and the shortest distance from the center of the chord to the circle?

Imagine if you will a circle with a chord drawn through it and a line running from the center of that chord to the center of the circle. That line is necessarily perpendicular to the chord. This means you have a right triangle whose hypotenuse is the radius of the circle. The radius is thus given by: r = sqrt{(1/2 chord length)^2 + (length of perpendicular line)^2} The actual formula to find the radius is as follows: r= C squared/8a + a/2, where C is the chord length, and a is the distance from center point of the chord to the circle , and a and C form an angle of 90 degrees. the entire formula before simplification is r = sqrt {(1/2 C)^2 + (r-a)^2}

What does chord means in math terms?

A chord is a line segment between two points on a given curve. Basically it's two points that are connected with a line which all happens to be on a curve. Most likely a circle

How do you find radius of a circle?

Draw a line from any part on the outside of a circle to the exact center of the circle. * * * * * That is fine if you know where the center is but not much use if you are just given a circle and do not know where the exact centre is. In this case: Draw a chord - a straight line joining any two points on the circumference of the circle. Then draw the perpendicular bisector of the chord. Draw another chord and its perpendicular bisector. The two perpendicular bisectors will meet at the centre.