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yes u can

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โˆ™ 2011-03-22 21:45:35
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Q: Can a dishwasher be plugged into a standard outlet?
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does the outlet for the dishwasher have to be on the same side of the garbage disposal drainage outlet?

Yes the outlet for the dishwasher should be on the same side as the disposal,so the disposal can handle the waste water from the dishwasher.

Why is your dishwasher is not draining water at bottom of dishwasher?

The pump intake is possibly plugged with debris.

Should an all-in-one scanner be plugged into the wall outlet?

No reason not to as long as the wall outlet is the correct voltage. most are designed to be plugged into a 110v outlet.

What is the suitable outlet to be use for dishwasher?

In the USA, a typical electric dishwasher plugs into a standard household 110/115 outlet. Exactly like an American toaster, television, clock radio, etc. No special outlet required, like some room a/c units with the L shaped prongs. Good luck. Cheers.

What is convience outlet?

Any outlet that is on a wall or counter back splash that is used for your convenience to plug in anything that is to be used in a temporary situation such as a toaster, mixer, radio a convenience outlet. All 120 volt outlets, in the US and Canada, that are not designated for a specific usage.On the other hand a designated outlet is for a specific usage such as for a washer, dryer, dishwasher, garbage disposal, oven or etc. that is plugged in and stays plugged in.

What are the standard sizes for built-in Frigidaire dishwasher models?

The standard size for built-in Frigidaire dishwasher models is 24". These standard size dishwasher models take about 2.4 gallons of water.

Why won't dishwasher drain?

Filter is possibly plugged, or pump is broken.

Can an apartment size stove be pluged into any outlet?

Can an apt. stove be plugged into a outlet

Which of these can be a hazard involving an electrical outlet?

to many electrical cords plugged into one outlet

How is there electricity and magnetism in a computer?

It is plugged into a wall outlet.

what are the differences between a standard dishwasher and a dishwasher with drawers?

Dishwasher with drawers has actual drawers that are built into the dishwasher itself.

Does leaving the switch on to a switched outlet use electricity if nothing is plugged into the outlet?

No, if nothing is plugged in pulling current then you are using no electricity by leaving the switch in the on position.

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