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Yes it is the rule , that the goalkeeper that got the red card should leave the pitch and another goalkeeper will take his place, but the coach must withdraw a player, in other words the team will play with 10 players only.

Alternatively, the manager can decide to put one of the players already on the pitch in goal, though this rarely happens.

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Q: Can a goalie be replaced if he received a red card?
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If a soccer goalie gets a red card who would be goalie?

there would subsitute another goalie

If you were a referee and a player struck his own goalie what would you do?

if he done it badly he will get a red card or a yellow card

Does a cautioned Goalie have to leave the field?

No. The goalie only has to leave the field if he/she is given a red card, same as any other player.

Can a goalie get a red card in soccer?

Yes plenty of them get it , mainly for bringing down players in the box.

What happpens when a goalie gets a red card?

The goalkeeper will be sent off. The team plays with 10 players.

How many red cards has andres iniesta received?

No red card.

What is the probability of getting a red card and a red card assuming the red card is replaced?

The probability of drawing two red cards with replacement is (1 in 2)2 or (1 in 4) or 0.25

What is a soft red card?

In soccer, a "soft" red card is a term used to describe a red card that was received for an offense that the speaker did not believe merited it. It has another, very specific meaning in U.S. High School soccer. In the modified rule set of high school soccer a red/yellow combination may be shown to a player to indicate that the player is being disqualified but may be replaced.

When alessandro del piero has received a red card?


Who never received red or yellow card?

Gary linneker

Who received the fastest red card from the matchstart at the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

The faster red card from kick-off was given to Harry Kewell (Australia) in their match against Ghana. Kewell received the red card after only 24 minutes of play.

What position does Mia Hamm play?

forward and midfield. she has also played goalie when the team was out of goalies and brianna scurry got a red card.