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No, it is not suitable for nominal data.

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Q: Can a histogram be used to display and analyze nominal data?
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Would a histogram help you to data analyze data?

As a visual representation of data, then a histogram is a way of analysing data.

Can nominal data be displayed on a histogram?

yes they can

Nominal data can be presented by which two graphical techniques?

bar chart and histogram

What is used to display data from frequency distribution?


Can a circle graph be used to display data from a histogram?

yes it can

Why the histogram is best data display?

It is not, so the question is misinformed.

Which type of graph would best display interval data?

A histogram

What Uses vertical bars to display data?

A bar chart or a histogram.

Why is it important to display data using a histogram?

It makes Data simpler to compare as opposed to a chart

Which graphic display shows the median and data spread about the median?

A frequency diagram or, for grouped data, an histogram.

Can a bar graph be used to display only numerical data?

histogram; bar graph

Are Bar Graphs used to display comparisions between nominal data?

Yes they are.

Which type of graph would best display data in a frequency table?

A Histogram, a line plot and a line graph.

When would you use a histogram?

A histogram is used to analyze a distribution of data. It look like a graph and can be used in many formats - the most popular may be in Photography, showing the distribution of shadows and light in a visual representation.

How do you use a histogram?

In statistics, histogram is a graphical representation showing visual impression of the distribution of data. While in photography, it is one of the most useful tool in digital photography. Every digital camera, from the simplest point and shoot to the most sophiscated has the ability to display a histogram.

What uses computer technology to collect manipulate analyze and display data about the earth's surface?


How do you get median and mode from histogram?

You can't. You can get the median and mode from the data set, but not the histogram itself.

Display file and its structure in computer graphics?

A display file is a set of uncorrelated data, such as a histogram array or bivariate array. The arrays are filled event by event from a list data in order to create a display. The saved arrays usually take up far less disk space, but can the data can no longer be gated.

Can any set of data be displayed using a histogram?

Yes, any data set can be displayed using a histogram, as long as it represents original data, or data that does fall in a particular order.

Which graph displays continuous data?

A histogram graph displays continuous data. The data is displayed in ordered columns. Example of data that can shown by a histogram graph is time, inches, and temperature.

What are the advantages of using the histogram instead of the box plot to represent the data?

A histogram can handle data when the bars are not all of the same width. This is particularly important for data which are skewed.

What is the difference between a frequency histogram and a relative frequency histogram?

Both divide the data into discrete groups or intervals. The frequency histogram gives the number of times the data occur in the particular group or interval, while the relative frequency histogram gives the fraction of times the data occur in the particular group or interval.

What are disadvantages of a histogram?

it has a limitedamount of data

What is the Matlab code to plot a histogram?

imhist(x); where 'x' is your data or image to find histogram.

Is length nominal data?

If you are bothering to measure it, it probably is not nominal data in your study.

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