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Yes. He has the required knowledge, skill and ability. All he needs to go to work is the appropriate license for the area in which he wishes to work. This may be a business license, handyman's license or a contractor's license.

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Q: Can a journeyman electrician work independently?
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Annual income for union journeyman electrician?

It depends on where you are located. In the Washington DC area a IBEW union journeyman electrician can make $74,000 (straight time) a year plus benefits.

What is the pay scale for a journeyman electrician in North Carolina?

They will make around 27,000 dollars a year. If they work long hours or overtime, they will more than likely make more.

What is the avg pay for apprentice electricians in Texas?

The average yearly salary for a Journeyman electrician in Houston, Texas is $52,000. The average salary for an apprentice electrician is $46,000.

How much does a electrician make in Ohio?

$28 per hour for a journeyman $45 to $85 per hour for a master

What is the difference between electrical contractor and master electrician?

a Master Electrician is the person who has the educational and practical experience to perform electrical work according to NEC "National Electric Code". although others like a journeyman can perform those duties, the master electrician hold more education and able to certify electrical work.where and electrical contractor is a company which is licenced to obtain and perform electrical contracts. whoever, and electrical contractor can't perform have their licence without a master electrician being on board. in other words, an electrical contractor must maintain a valid master electrician and it own contracting licensesome states allow a person to be a contractor using his own SSN, in this case a master electrician could be also the contractor.

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Can a journeyman electrician in Miami work in Broward County as a journeyman?

A journyman electrician in Miami can work in Broward County as a journeyman if they eat cheese first in the morning. By: Your Mom!

What is Another name for electrician?

In England they call an electrician, "Sparky". In the US, if the electrician works on distribution system they are known as "linemen" or "outside electricians" (they work outside of personal property), the electricians that install the electrical system inside personal property are known as "inside wireman", "journeyman electrician", "journeyman wireman", or just "journeyman".

What training does an electrician need to work in Texas?

You need to become a Master Electrician through the journeyman system and then take a test to verify competence.

I need to know where can i take my marylands journeyman test to become a license electrician?

To become a journeyman in Maryland the test needs to be taken wih the county in which you plan to work.

What were the differences between apprentice journeyman and master?

I believe a journeyman works under a licensed, business electrician and a master electrician is one who has the business. Not the best definition but hopefully it helps Might vary by region. Here in Canada, a journeyman is someone certified to do permited electrical work that will be inspected. A master is someone who is certified to pull (read - apply for) those permits. In Canada, a journeyman electrician is someone with 4 years of experience in the electrical trade as an apprentice and has taken four periods of school. A Master is a journeyman electrician that has a certain amount of experience as a journeyman (typically 3 years) and has a very good understanding of the Electrical code (which is proved by taking another course / exam).

What states journeyman electrician licenses can transfer to Indiana?


Can industrial electrician can work as a home electrician?

Yes! compared to industrial or commercial wiring, residential wiring is very basic. A Journeyman electricain is expected to have experience in all 3 fields.

Annual income for union journeyman electrician?

It depends on where you are located. In the Washington DC area a IBEW union journeyman electrician can make $74,000 (straight time) a year plus benefits.

What exams do you need to be an electrician?

Residential Electrician Exam (Certified Electrician for Residential Only) Journeyman Electrician Exam (For Residental and Commercial) Master Electrician Exam (For Residental and Commercial)

Can a journeyman electrician start an electrical inspection business?

a journeyman electrician is not fully qualified in most states to operate and mantain a electrical business and preform inspections without reaching the level of masters.

Is a journeyman electrician the same as a master electrician?

No. A journeyman is an electrician that has completed his four year apprenticeship (four years of experience and four periods of schooling). This allows him to legally complete jobs with permits that are to be inspected for compliance with the electrical code. A master is a journeyman electrician with a certain amount of experience that is tested to prove a certain level of competency of the electrical code. These electricians are able to "pull" (read - apply for) permits.

How much does a union journeyman electrician make in sheffield Alabama?

The average annual income for a union journeyman electrician working in Sheffield, Alabama is $55,000. The average annual income for this position in the United States is $49,000.