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Yes, all quadrilaterals will tessellate.

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Q: Can a kite shape make up a tessellation?
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How much degrees does a kite add up to?

A kite adds up to 360 degrees because it is a quadrilateral ( a four sided shape )

What types of polygons make up a tessellation?

Any polygon will have versions that will tessellate.

What is the square tessellation?

There isn't just one square tessellation .... there can be many. You will have to look up some or make your own. But squares CAN be used in tessellations, if that is your question.

Who was the first person to make a kite?

i think up side first kite made

Were round shields used during the Battle of Hastings?

Yes. The fyrd's common infantry used them but the Houscarls used kite shape shield to make up their shield wall which gave a strong protection to the Saxon's Army front . Also the Norman's light infantry used more likely round than kite shape shields, although the Bayeux Tapestry shows the kite shape more depicted.

What do you do to get a kite to fly?

Just run while holding the kite as far up the string possible. Make sure the kite is as high as possible to catch the wind.

What is a regular tessellation?

A regular polygon has 3 to 5 or more sides and angles, they should be all equaled. A regular tessellation means a tessellation made up of congruent regular polygons.

What two angles make up the right angle in a kite frame?


Can a regular polygon with an angle measure of 140 degrees be used by itself to make a tessellation?

In order to make a tessellation, many versions of the shape need to be able to be slotted together without any space between them. This means that, at the points where the corners meet, the angles should add up to 360. In the case of squares, the angles are 90, and four of these make 360, so squares can tessellate. If a polygon has an angle measure of 140 degrees, then no amount of these angles can add up to 360, as 140 isn't a factor of 360. Thus the shape would be unable to tessellate in the strict mathematical sense.

What do the angles of a kite add up to?

The interior angles of a kite add up to 360 degrees.

How do kites fly?

the wind in the sky blow the kite therefore helps the kite go up into the air so the kite can flyA kite flys by the wind blowing beneath the kite wich makes the kite go higher

What is the content that make up the interior of a shape?


Why is a rombus a regular polygon?

because a rhombus is a kite and a kite is a quadrilateral and a polygon. basically to sum it up a polygon is a kite (diamond).

Definition of a slide design?

A slide design is a also known as a slide design tessellation. If you would like more information, go on Google and look up "slide design tessellation".

A quadrilateral is made up of what shape?

A quadrilateral is a polygon made up of four "sides" or edges and four vertices and corners. So basically it has four sides no matter what shape. Here's some shapes: Parallelogram, butterfly, rectangle, kite, rhombus, and square.

What made kite really happy?

Kite flew up in the so it made really happy.

How do make the kite in Club Penguin?

Find the sticks from the forest, string from the ski lodge attic place (up the latter), and paper from the HQ gadget room (the paper is the kite blue prints) and put them in the same box in your inventory and.........ta-da! You have a kite!

Why does a kite fly?

Wind causes lift to be applied (suction on the top surfaces) just like on an airplane's wings, and the air below the kite bunches up, thus pushing up on the kite.

What are sides?

Line segments that make up a shape or polygon.

What shape does two litlle rhombuses make?

Two Rhumbuses Make up a parrellogram.

Why does a tessellation have to add up to 360 degrees?

The angles at any point is space add to 360 degrees. So, at any vertex in a tessellation, the angles of the vertices meeting there must sum to 360 degrees.

What is the meaning of the word tessellation?

A tessellation or tiling of the plane is a collection of plane figures that fills the plane with no overlaps and no gaps. One may also speak of tessellations of the parts of the plane or of other surfaces. Generalizations to higher dimensions are also possible. Tessellations frequently appeared in the art of M.C. Escher. In Latin, tessella was a small cubical piece of clay, stone or glass used to make mosaics. The word "tessella" means "small square" (from "tessera", square, which in its turn is from the Greek word for "four"). It corresponds with the everyday term tiling which refers to applications of tessellation, often made of glazed clay. Tessellation in terms of tiling or mosaic means shapes - which can be regular, irregular, or representing a recognizable form - fitted together to form a pattern with no spaces between the shapes. The artist Maurice C Escher used tessellation a lot, quite brilliantly; you might like to look up his work on the internet.

What are molecular structures?

It's the shape of the atoms that make up a molecule.

How did harry get the lightning bolt shape scare on his forehead?

make up

Warnings for flying a kite?

stay away from power lines and watch out for little kids when looking up at your kite