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No they are too young to be in a relationship and there are 4 years between them, that's going to be a hard thing for their relationship to go through.

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Can a twelve year old have a relationship with a fifteen year old?

Not a spectacular idea. Twelve year old minds and fifteen year old minds are very different, the twelve year old is not as developed as the fifteen year old is. They will be in completely different worlds as far as maturity level, social skills, and (possibly) interests.

How much sleep does a twelve year old need?

Eight to nine hours.

How do you get a nineteen year old boy to like a nine year old girl?

The difference in ages is such that the only possible relationship is one of family friend or care-giver (babysitter). There is not much a nine-year old can do to build that relationship.

Can a twelve year old take care of two eight year old boys and a seven year old boy for nine hours a day in Iowa?


Is 91 pounds underweight for an twelve year old girl who is 4 foot nine?

91 pounds is not under weight for a 12 year old girl who is 4 foot nine.

How old does a 12 year old have to be?

twelve because if they are twelve they are twelve.

How can you tell if a nine year old boy likes a twelve year old girl?

all the usual signs:StaringtalkingcomplementsEct.

What time should a 10 year old go to bed at on a school night?

nine o'clock. Im twelve and I went to bed at nine when i was 10..

Is it OK to for a fifteen year old and a twelve year old to flaunt a relationship at school?

It depends on what you mean by relationship. It also depends on the school's rules. Bragging about it to others can get annoying. Remember to keep it under control.

Is Sims 2 Deluxe Edition appropriate for a twelve year old?

Yes it is appropriate for a twelve year old.Yes it is appropriate for a twelve year old.

Should a twelve year old boy kiss a twelve year old girl?


What is a good job for a twelve year old?

Babysitting is the best job for a twelve year old

How do you get a twelve year old boy to stop liking a twelve year old girl?


Can a 9 year old and another 9 year old kiss?

Yes two nine year old may kiss but in both Canada and USA You must be over the age of twelve to have sex. Thanks

How do you kiss a 9 year old?

It depends on your relationship with them. Since this question is under the subcategory of dating I am assuming that you are interested in a sensual relationship with this child. If that is the case then the answer is you don't kiss a 9 year old. A nine year old is too young to date.

Pulse rate of a twelve year old boy?

what is the average pulse rate of a twelve year old boy?

How can your twelve year old do algebra equations?

how can yu make algebra equations easy for a twelve year old

Can a twelve year old boys be gay?

Yes, of course. I knew I liked girls when I was nine years old. Love isn't limited to a certain age.

Where can you buy a miss America costume for nine to twelve year old girls?

you could buy it in party city or spirit halloween

On their fist date let's say going to the movies how would a nine year old girl ask a eleven to twelve year old boy to be her boyfriend?

find someone ur age!!

Can twelve year old boys look under a twelve year old girls skirt and get kicked in the balls?


Can twelve year old girls become depressed?

Yes, I think they can. I am a twelve year-old myself and I suspect that I am depressed ...

Can a twelve year old move in with the other parent in Arizona?

Yes, a twelve year old can move in with the other parent.

Is a nine year age gap ok?

That depends on how old you actually are. A relationship between a 10-year-old and a 19-year-old would certainly cause problems while a 26-year-old and a 35-year-old are perfectly fine together.

Should a 12 year old and a 18 year old date?

Make sure your parents are okay with it, and don't do anything physical with him, so I guess not. You're only twelve, wait for a relationship :)

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