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The only way to do this - is to have the phone system they have in america. American people have the option to set up an 'allow' list - to prevent unwanted calls. You would simply have the only number permitted to call you, programmed into the system. No such option currently exists in the UK.

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Q: Can a number be assigned that only one phone is able to dial it?
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How do you dial the phone number PETE on Reality TV Island?

If you look on the phone (or any phone) you see that letters are assigned to numbers, which is the way phone numbers were first assigned by prefix. The number 555-PETE is the same as 555-7383.

Motorola v170 tracfone speed dial instruction?

Look in your phone book. Each number there has a speed dial # assigned to it as the speed dial number. On your main screen, which shows you remaining minutes, push the speed number of the person you want to dial, then the # sign, then the green "send" button. It will dial the person whose speed dial number you pushed.

Is your dial-up number the same as your home phone number?

Usually, the term "dial-up number" refers to the phone number you dial with your modem for dial-up Internet.

How do you use speed dial on your Android phone?

First Setup number from 2 to 9 for Speed dialing,by default 1 is set for Voice Mail Number. On Keypad display, long press the speed dial set number when finger is released, the number assigned with that speed dial is called.

How do you make call to US mobile phone in Scotland?

If the US mobile phone is in international roaming mode, you may be able to dial its normal US number. If the phone has swapped in a UK SIM card, you will need to dial the UK number.

What is your friends phone number?

It is the number you dial to ring their phone.

How can make a home phone not show it's number?

First Pick Up The Phone Then Dial *67 And Then Dial The Number

How do you dial a phone number from the US to Iceland?

011354<phone number>

How do you disguise your phone number to the receiver of your call?

depending on the phone you have to dial Star (*) 69 or star (*) 67

How do you reach a phone number in Tenerife?

You dial +34, then the Tenerife phone number.

What is the Comcast VOIP unblock code for allowing calls from a phone number I blocked?

For outgoing Comcast phone calls. Dial *82 before you dial your intended number to unblock your phone number for one phone call.

If you dial 911 and dont hit send will it still call?

No, you have to hit the send button on cell phone in order for your phone to actually dial the number. On a home phone, there is no send button so you simply just dial the number.