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it cannot be because they are two different things right angle is 90° and obtuse angles are angles greater than 90°



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Q: Can a right angle be a obtuse angle?
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What is a rectangle is it a right angle acute or obtuse?

its a right angle

Does an right angle have an obtuse angle?

First: A right angle is an angle of 90 degrees Second: An obtuse angle is an angle of 91 degrees to 179 degrees A right angle can not have an obtuse angle

What kind of the triangle according to sides of the angle?

If one angle is a right angle, it is a right triangle. If one angle is an obtuse angle, it is an obtuse triangle. If there are no right nor obtuse angle then it is an acute triangle.

Which is bigger an obtuse angle or a right angle?

obtuse because it is over 90oa right angle is 90o

Can a right trinlg have an obtuse angle in it?

No, it isn't possible for a right triangle to have an obtuse angle.

Is a 165 degree angle an acute an obtuse or a right angle?


What type of angle is 115 degrees?

It is an obtuse angle

Why is a obtuse angle called a obtuse angle?

A obtuse angle is called an obtuse angle because if obtuse means bigger in degrees and a right angle is 90 degrees than a obtuse angle must be over 90 degrees.

How many obtuse angle and right angle does a kite have?

It ha one right angle, two obtuse angles and one acute angle

Is a right angle cosidered obtuse or acute?

A right angle is considered neither an acute nor an obtuse angle. It's just a right angle.

Is a 100 degree triangle acute obtuse or right?

If a triangle has a 100 degree angle, it is an obtuse triangle because a 100 degree angle is an obtuse angle. angle > 90 = obtuse angle = 90 = right angle < 90 = acute

Can a Triangle contain a right angle and a obtuse angle?

No because it only has a Right angle. It doesn't have an Obtuse angle, or other angles.