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Diet and genetics, as well as childhood disease, all play a role in how tall a person is.

In addition, a child may seem to grow taller in adulthood than a parent because the parents can shrink with age. As you get older, "usually over 50," your body may loose height because of the loss of the cartilage between the vertebrae of the spine.

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Q: Can a son be taller than his father?
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Can a son be taller than the father?

Yes, it is possible for a son to be taller than his father. Height is determined by a combination of genetic factors from both parents, so a son can inherit certain genes that make him taller than his father. Additionally, factors like nutrition, environment, and overall health can also contribute to differences in height between family members.

Can you be taller than your father?


Is it possible to be taller than your father if so how much taller?

It certainly is as a mater of fact it is not unusual at all for children to be taller then their parents.

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You can be taller than your big sister. Girls have a tendency to be shorter than their brothers since they usually take after their mothers. There are some instances where girls may take after their father and be just as tall or taller than their siblings.

What are the chances that a female will grow to be taller than her father?

If her mother is tall, there is a chance she will take after her genetics as opposed to her father's.

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Can a son be shorter than his father?

of course

Why is my daughter taller than me?

Your height is a matter both of genetics and environment. Although your husband may be short, he may come from a family with tall people in it, whose genetic material may resurface in your son. Then there is your genetic material. If your family has tall people in it, their genetic material may be passed on to your son. Both of these would help your son be taller than his dad. And there is environment: there has been a steady increase in the average size of people in first and second world countries because of the improvement in diet. Clothing designed for an average woman 100 years ago is now too small to fit the average 13-year-old girl. Under these circumstances it is normal for a son to be taller than his father. (I am assuming here that your son is the biological son of your husband. There would be nothing remarkable about your son being bigger than your husband if your husband is a second marriage, or if the son is adopted.)

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