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How can a you make a hexagon using a trapozid and 2 triangles

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Q: Can a triangle and a trapezoid make a hexagon?
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Related questions

What shape can make a trapezoid and triangle?

A trapezoid and a triangle can make a triangle or another trapezoid, among others.

What does a triangle and a trapezoid makes?

A trapezoid and a triangle make a paralellogram.

What polygon is not a parallellogram?

-- trapezoid -- triangle -- irregular quadrilateral -- pentagon -- hexagon etc.

Can a trapezoid make a triangle?

No because a trapezoid has 4 sides and a triangle has three if a trapezoid had three then it would be a triangle. If you had 3 trapezoids you could make a triangle!

What two shapes make up a hexagon?

Two trapezoids can make up a hexagon.

What 2 shapes does a hexagon make in half?

a trapezoid

How many trapezoid make 4 hexagon?


What can a triangle and a trapezoid be combined to make?

A big triangle if you put the triangle on the trapezoid's short parallel side, or a parallelogram if you put it on one of the trapezoid's ends. In both cases the triangle must be exactly the right shape and size or you will only have an irregular quadrilateral, pentagon, or hexagon. (Placing an appropriately-sized triangle on the long parallel side will also yield a pentagon - likely irregular.) Additionally, if a vertex of the triangle touches the trapezoid it can also make an irregular concave heptagon!

What is a 2 dimensional geometric shape?

triangle circle square octagon pentagon hexagon trapezoid

Which polygon doesn't belong out of a rectangle and triangle and hexagon and trapezoid?

If the triangle and hexagon are equilateral, then the trapezoid is not like the others because all of its angles are not equal. A rectangle will have 4 equal right angles. An equilateral triangle will have 3 equal acute 60 degree angles. An equilateral hexagon will have 6 equal obtuse 120 degreeangles.

What shape does 6 triangles make?

pentagon i think?

Can a trapezoid be a hexagon?

No. A trapezoid is a shape with four sides, while a hexagon is a shape with six sides.

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