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yes it can

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Q: Can a triangle be divide into 4ths?
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How do you divide a circle in to fifths?

you make a circle and you divide it in 4ths and make one side bigger and make an extra line there and you have it

The three midsegments of a triangle divide the triangle into?


What is formula for height of triangle?

A divide 2 divide height.

What is 1 4ths plus 3 4ths?

1 (a whole).

Why do you have to divide the area of a triangle and not a parallelogram?

you do it because the triangle is half the size of the parallelogram

How do you divide a scalene triangle into nine triangles?

Divide each of the sides of the triangle into three. Join corresponding points on each pair of sides.

What are the angle bisectiors of a triangle?

They are lines, through the vertices of a triangle, that bisect (divide into two halves) the angles of the triangle.

How do you estimate the area of a triangle?

To get the area of a triangle you multiply length by width and divide by two.

How you find the area of a triangle?

To find the area of a triangle, you have to multiply the base of the triangle and the height of the triangle, then divide the product of those numbers by two.

What is2and1 4ths plus 3 and 3 4ths in simplest form?


How do find area of triangle?

1/2bh b=base h=height To find the are of a triangle,you have to multiply the base times height and divide the answer by 2. To find the area of a triangle you need to multiply all the sides of the triangle and then divide by 2.

HOW do you find the similar ratio of a triangle?

Divide the length of a side of one triangle by the length of the corresponding side of the other triangle.

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