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Completing the square is one method for solving a quadratic equation. A quadratic equation can also be solved by factoring, using the square roots or quadratic formula. Solving quadratic equations by completing the square will always work when solving quadratic equations

-You can also use division or even simply take a GCF, set the quantities( ) equal to zero, and subtract or add to solve for the variable

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The general quadratic equation is ax2 + bx + c = 0 The two solutions are: x = [ (negative b) plus or minus the square root of (b2 - 4ac) ] all divided by (2a).

Solve 3x2-12x equals 15 using the method of completing the square?

Divide all terms by 3 so:- x2-4x = 5 Completing the square:- (x-2)2 = 9 x-2 = -/+3 x = -1 or x = 5

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Examples/worksheet of completing the square: 4x2-4x+9=0 3p2-12p-15=0 x2-4x-32=0 3x2-12x-30=0 2x2-6x+2=0 I pulled all these examples from Brightstorm videos. The answer and solution to these problems are in the videos. I also provided the link below for your reference. Hope this answers your question!

Please slove the problem below by completing the square and show all work X squared plus two x equals seven?

x2+2x = 7 Completing the square:- (x+1)2 = 7 (x+1)2-1 = 7 (x+1)2 = 8 x+1 = -/+ sq rt 8 x = -1-/+ sq rt 8

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2xsquared plus 12x plus 1 equals 0 solve by completing the square?

2x2+12x+1 = 0 By dividing all terms in the quadratic equation by 2 will make completing the square easier to work out: x2+6x+0.5 = 0 (x+3)2+0.5 = 0 (x+3)2-9+0.5 = 0 (x+3)2-8.5 = 0 (x+3)2 = 8.5 x+3 = the square root of 8.5 x = -3 and plus or minus the square root of 8.5

What does a non linear equation look like?

a linear equation is simply an equation in the form x+y quadratics, cubics and quartics are all non-linear, and are in the following forms Quadratics - x^2+x+y Cubics - x^3+x^2+x+y Quartics - x^4+x^3+x^2+x+y

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