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Q: Can an angle be named with only one letter?
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An angle can be named with one capital letter?

An angle can be named with one capital letter.

When can An angle be named with one capital letter?

An angle can be named with one capital letter when the point represented by the letter is at the vertex (the endpoint of the two rays, lines, etc.)

What are the quadrilaterals with one right angle?

It depends on what you mean. If you are looking for ONLY one right angle, then the only "named" quadrilateral I can think of is a kite. If you are looking for a quadrilateral with AT LEAST one right angle, then there are squares, rectangles, trapezoids, and kites. Of course, there are quadrilaterals out there without specific names with only one right angle or at least one. Hope this helps you! :-)

What kind of angles are shown in the letter E?

theres only one. A right angle

What is a capital letter with a right angle?

That would be the letter, "Ell". "L" "E", "F", "H", and "T" also have right angles in them, but "L" is the only letter with just one right angle in it.

What is the letter that has one right angle and one acute angle?

my answer is R

A quadrangle with only one right angle?

a quadrangle with only one right angle

Is points named by capital letters true or false?

Points are named with the capitol letter 'P' in the beginning. So yes they are named with capitol letters : TRUE They are also only named with ONE capitol letter.

What is a triangle that has one angle?

There are no triangles with only one angle.

How to find x in triangles with only one angle?

A triangle cannot have only one angle!

What letter has 1 acute angle?

If you mean which alphabet letter, an L has one right angle; a T has a right and left acute angle.

What kinds of angles do you see in the letter L?

There are no angles in the letter l it is a straight line That's not right. There is one angle in the Letter l. its a 180 degree angle.