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No. An angle can have only one angle!

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Q: Can an angle have two pairs of vertical angles and two pairs of congruent angles?
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What is a angle are pairs of opposite and congruent angles formed by intersecting lines?

Vertical angles

what-Helena was asked to prove that any pair of vertical angles is congruent. She was provided a diagram with several pairs of vertical angles.?


In the parallelogram ABCD name three pairs of congruent angles and three pairs of congruent sides?

If the parallelogram is a square then angle A is congruent to angle B ,is congruent to angle C. AB is congruent to BC is congruent to CD.

What do you notice about the measures of pairs of vertical angles?

they are congruent: exactly equal

Blank angles are pairs of opposite and congruent angles formed by intersecting lines?

Those are "vertical" angles, even if there's nothing vertical about them.

If two triangles have three pairs of congruent angles the the triangle is congruent?

Yes they are. Or they could have three pairs of congruent sides, or they could have one pair of congruent angles and two pairs of sides. As far as a triangle goes, if you have at least three pairs of congruent sides or angles they are congruent. This answer is wrong. The triangles are only similar. For congruent trisngles we have the following theorems = Side - side - side, Side - Angle - side , Angle - angle - side, Right triangle - hypotenuse - side.

What does angle angle side mean?

Angle Angle Side is a method one can use to prove that two triangles are congruent. Basically, if any two pairs of angles and the side between these angles are congruent, then the triangles are congruent as well.

Which pairs of angles are vertical angles?

Actually, It is this. Question: Angle 1 and 4 are called ___ angles? Answer: Supplementary

What angle are pairs of opposite and congruent angles formed by intersecting lines?

Corgent Angles

What angle is two pairs of opposite and congruent angles formed by intersecting lines?

Such angles are called vertically opposite angles.

Anita says the plus forms 2 pairs of vertical angles Charles says it forms 2 pairs of congruent angles Who is correct and why?

Charles is correct

Two congruent angles are always vertical angles?

Do you mean "Are two vertical angles always congruent?" Vertical angles are always congruent, but congruent angles do not have to be vertical. Any two angles with the same angle measurement are considered congruent by definition. The reason why vertical angles are always congruent is explained below. Imagine (or draw) an X forming 2 pairs of vertical angles. ∠1 is to the left, ∠2 is on top, ∠3 is to the right, and ∠4 is on the bottom. Vertical angles are always congruent because ∠1 and ∠2 are supplementary, meaning that their measures add to 180 degrees. The measures of ∠2 and ∠3 also add to 180 degrees. This means that m∠1+m∠2=180 and m∠2+m∠3=180. Using the Transitive Property, it becomes m∠1+m∠2=m∠2+m∠3. If you subtract the measure of ∠2 from both sides, it becomes m∠1=m∠3. I hope that helped!