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Yes, just remove the outlet and wire the light in.

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Q: Can an outlet be converted into a light fixture in a pantry?
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Can a recessed light fixture that has been converted to a pendant light be changed back to a recessed light?

yes it can

No ground wire from incoming outlet box. do I have to have one. This is for a light fixture in the bathroom?

See discussion

Can a hps light fixture be plugged in to a regular outlet?

If the ballast of the HPS fixture has a 120 volt tap then, yes it can be plugged into a 120 volt receptacle.

Can you convert a power outlet into a light fixture?

Yes the light will come on.If you want safer protect the circuit by a fuse.Typical fuse for wall outlet is 13 amp but for lights it is only 5 amps

Can you change an electrical outlet into a switch for a light?

Sure. For a light you need a fixture to hold the light and the light itself. The light needs to be connected to a voltage supply which you can get from the outlet. In the outlet box you will have a black, white and bare ground wire. Essentially you connect the white and bare wires directly to the light and switch the black wire (hot) through a switch.

How do you Wire a light from a switched outlet?

See: "How can you re-wire a wall switch that controls an outlet to control a ceiling fan?" (Follow the link below.) The procedure is the same whether the new device is a light fixture or a ceiling fan.

Is a light bulb considered a fixture?

A fixture is what the light bulb goes into.

What to do with ground wire in wall when wiring metal light fixture without ground wire into plastic outlet box with ground wire Basically wall has 3 wires fixture has 2 and no place to ground to?

Connect the ground wire in wall to the base of fixture

How do you install a new pull chain light from a wall outlet?

very easy just pull your self a line from the outlet to the location you want to have the pull light fixture installed ,then connect the black wire to the black wire in the outlet white to the white and the copper ground to the ground then on the other end of the wire at the light fixture location connect the black to the copper screw and the white to the silver screw .and that should make it work with pull string .but make sure the circuit is turned off for that outlet location before you do the instillation

Can you convert an overhead light fixture that is hardwired into a plug-in fixture?

Yes, you should be able to. (1) Make sure that the circuit breaker to that fixture is de-activated. (2) Remove the celiing fixture and unfasten the fixture from the two wires going into it from the junction box (usually held together by wire nuts). (3) Attach the wires coming from the junction box to the terminals of the new outlet you will be using. (4) secure the outlet to the junction box. (5) Re-activate the circuit breaker. If the former ceiling light was controlled by a switch, the new outlet will also be controlled by the same switch. DISCLAIMER: This instruction is for an ordinary run-of-the-mill ceiling fixture. If more than two wires are involved or the light is controlled from more than one switch, these instruction may not apply.

How do you make a light bulb light up if the power comes from a generator?

You put the light bulb into a light fixture or lamp and plug the lamp into the running generator's electrical outlet. Make sure the generator's circuitbreaker is reset.

You want to install a new light fixture in your bathroom upon removing the old fixture down you discover there is no grounding wire only a black and white wire and GFCI outlet on the circuit?

Just install the new fixture with black to black, white to white, and cap off the ground wire on the new fixture. It'll be fine.

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