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Zero is neither positive nor negative.

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Q: Can any number be neither positive or negative?
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Is the square of any real number is positive?

no. Because square of zero is neither positive nor negative.

When can the square of a negative number be negative?

This can never be. The square of any number will always be positive. Any positive number multiplied by another positive number will be positive, while any negative number multiplied by another negative number will be positive.

How do you decide which number is greater when one number is negative and one number is positive?

ANY positive number is greater than any negative number. Imagine you are digging a hole, and piling up the dirt you remove from the hole. The hole represents negative numbers- it goes lower than the surface. The piled up dirt represents positive numbers- it is higher than the surface. The surface is zero- neither positive or negative.

How do you use a positive number to get a negative number?

Multiply the positive number by any negative number and it will result in a negative number.

If you multiply a negative number by a negative number is your answer a negative number or a positive number?

Positive, so any number squared is positive, i.e. -32 = 9

When squaring a negative number if the factor is a negative and the exponent is positive will your answer be negative or positive?

If you square any real number it will always be positive.

Division of negative signs?

The rules for division are exactly the same as the rules for multiplication. * Division (or multiplication) of a positive number by a positive number = positive * Division of a positive number by a negative number = negative * Division of a negative number by a positive number = negative * Division of a negative number by a negative number = positive If you have trouble remembering any of these, just try out a sample division on any calculator - for instance, if you divide (-1) / (-1) you get +1.

When a number is positive?

A positive number is any number above zero. A negative number is any number below zero. Zero is not a positive or a negative number. A number's opposite is just the negative. For example: 8's opposite is -8 (negative 8). Hope this helped!

Does negative 3 squared equal negative nine?

No. Negative three squared is POSITIVE nine. The square of ANY number is positive, because if you multiply a negative number by a negative number, the result is positive.

Why is any number raised to a even power positive?

A positive number times a positive number is always positive. A negative number times a negative number is always positive. Therefore, any square number will be positive. Any number to the fourth power (a square times a square) will always be positive. And so on.

Neutrons have a balance of positive and negative electrical charges?

No, neutrons does not have any sort of electrical charge. They have neither positive nor negative charges.

Why does a negative number minus a positive equals a negative?

take any negative number, and subtract a positive number..that is the same as adding a negative number and two negative numbers added together are a negative number.