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"Typical" New Radio Wire Color Right Rear Spkr (-) Purple w/ Black Stripe Right Rear Spkr (+) Purple Right Front Spkr (-) Gray w/ Black Stripe Right Front Spkr (+) Gray Left Rear Spkr (-) Green w/ Black Stripe Left Rear Spkr (+) Green Left Front Spkr (- White w/ Black Stripe Left Front Spkr (+) White Ground Wire Black +12 Volt Ignition Red +12 Volt Battery Wire Yellow AMP REMOTE BLUE W/ WHITE STRIPE POWER ANTENNA BLUE

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โˆ™ 2006-05-29 17:53:15
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Q: Can any one tell you what wires are for what in a cdx s2210 car steroit a sony x-plod?
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Is the Sony Xplod water resistant?

The Sony Xplod boombox is not water resistant.

Will the Sony Xplod recharge rechargeable batteries when I plug it in?

No the Sony Xplod will not recharge batteries when it is plugged in.

Where can one download free Sony xplod wiring diagrams?

need wiring diagram for sony xplod cdx-gt710

What type of batteries does the Sony Xplod use?

The battery size used for the Sony Xplod is D and 6 would be needed.

Is Sony xplod good subs?

i got two sony xplod 12s and running off an 800 watt amp they sound good

Where can you purchase a Sony Xplod?

One can purchase a Sony Xplod online at the Sony store. Amazon also sells this product. You can also bid on one at Ebay. If you do not wish to buy online Walmart and Best Buy also sell Sony products.

You have 2 12 inch Sony xplod subs what kind of amp should you get?

probably 800 watts by 2 channels at least i had mine pushed by a 1200 watt sony xplod and they sounded great

Where can I buy a sony xplod ?

You can buy a Sony XPLOD by checking on EBay. I believe it's a discontinued model, so you'll probably get a good deal on it since most people aren't buying one anymore.

Does the Sony Xplod CDX 757MX CD / MP3 changer kip very much?

The Sony Xplod CDX757 has anti skip technology so you shouldnt have any skips under normal driving conditions.

What size fuse do you need for a 1000 Watt Sony Xplod Amp?

30amp fuse

How do you bridge a Sony xplod 1000 watt amp?

the questions a little broad.. what is the amp a mono, 2 way , or 4?

What makes Sony XPLOD Subwoofers so bad?

They arent bad. They have one of the best sounds you can get for your money, but they arent anything like a kicker or an alpine ************* Correction: For the money Sony isn't worth it: would you rather spend $250 on a subwoofer that will last for 10 years that's not an Xplod OR get a Sony Xplod and have to replace it every six months for $60 each time? Sony spends too much money on making the subwoofer look "cool" and "awesome," whereas companies like Digital Design and Fi don't have a marketing department. The build quality is poor and the materials are mediocre. LuxurySport

How easy is it to use your Ipod with the Sony Xplod CDX-GT730UI ?

The Sony CDX-GT730UI doesn't have direct support for the iPod, but it can be connected easily via a mini-to-mini cable.

What subwoofer would be best with a 340rms 800watt peak Sony xplod amp?

i would say the 1300watt 12" sony xplod sub i have one in my car and ive had a 600 peak power pushing it and it sounded good for the size and for only one sub. to much power will blow it id stick with the 1300 watt sub.

Your Sony TV is a red screen?

If your Sony television is displaying a red screen, you may not have the wires connected properly. If you have checked the wires, contact a Sony retailer.

What is the Sony Xplod cdx-4000x wire diagram?

Here is the website with a diagram

What are the best Sony CD players?

The best Sony CD players according to user reviews on the Sony website is: Xplod CD Radio Cassette Recorder. It cost $130, it has a great bass response, comes with a handle therefore portable, includes a remote.

Which car CD changer can cycle through CD's the fastest?

Sony XPLOD 10-DISC CD MP3 CHANGER changes very fast.

Where are the best car speakers for high volume ?

Most speakers that are capable of producing good sound with high volume are expensive and are made by Sony. You should try looking at these Sony Xplod Xsr-6941 / Xsr6941 6X9 in..

How do you install Sony xplod speakers?

The simplified directions can be found on Crutchfield's website. If the wiring in your car doesn't connect right you can find harnesses on or at Circut City and you can always take them to a shop to be installed but it'll cost you. You can call Crutchfield for help too at the number on their site. If you wonder why I mention them so much you should know that Xplod speakers are made by Sony and Crutchfield's collaboration.

Where can I get a good deal on some sony xplods?

You can get a good deal on some sony xplods on Amazon is a site with items usually under retail price, and has many sony xplods available for a good price.

Where can you find a wiring harness diagram for Sony Xplod CDX-GT22W?

Is the Sony Xplod suitable for a work site?

The sound quality would serve well so everyone can hear but it can be inconvienient to carry around becasue it is so heavy.

Do any Car Cd changers also play MP3s?

The Sony Xplod CDX 757MX,,Teac PD D2610 and Denon DCM 290 are only a few of those which do.

What brand and model of car speakers are the best for the price ?

The Sony Xplod Xsr-6941 / Xsr6941 6X9 in. speakers are where you get your bang for your buck. They are capable of producing high volume sounds and are durable.