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Yes. EX) 12/5 = 2.4

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Q: Can any ratio be written as a unit rate?
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Why does pi not have units?

Pi is a natural constant of the ratio circumference divided by diameter. That ratio cannot have any unit.

How does a unitary rate differ from any other ratio?

A unitary rate must specifically have a denominator of one. Unitary rates are used in mathematical operations and conversions. Any other ratio can have any number as the denominator.

Why is the speed limit on a highway a unit rate?

Any type of measurement is a unit rate. The speed limit is a measurement of time and distance.

Why is any whole number rational?

-- Any number that can be written as the ratio of two whole numbers is a rational number.-- Any whole number can be written as the ratio of that number to ' 1 ', so it's rational.

Why compounds are represented in a formula unit?

Compounds are represented by a formula unit to show the simplest ratio of atoms or ions. This unit repeats throughout any amount of the compound.

How do you round rate or unit rate to the nearest hundredth?

The same way you round any number to the nearest hundredth.

What can be written as the ratio of two integers?

Any and every rational number.

What is any number that can be written as a ratio of two integers?

It is a rational number.

Are ratio and proportion related to each other?

A proportion is the same as a ratio, but it must be focused on one unit per something. Ratios can be any comparison

Why is the perimeter always written in units?

Any measure must always be written in units unless it is a pure ratio.

What is the index of refraction used to measure?

The index of refraction is a unitless ratio. It has no units, it is a pure number.

What are any numbers that can be written as a ratio of two integers?

Any numbers that can be written as a fraction are considered ratios of two integers. For example, 1/2, -3/4, and 7/1 are all examples of numbers that can be written as a ratio of two integers.