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Q: Can aseptic technique guarantee 100 percent sterility?
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Whats the formula for Contingent liabilities as a percent of Net Assets?

contingent liability =Bank Guarantee+other bank Guarantee+bill discounting+Letter of credit

The only 100 percent safe way to guarantee that you will nbot contract HIV is?

Use a condom

Is there a method of cloning a Pokemon that 100 percent works?

unfortunately there is no 100% guarantee that cloning can be done at least not at that success rate

What is defference between performance bank guarantee and retention bond?

A retention bond refers to a percent of contract value retained until work is finished. The performance bank guarantee is used to secure completion of conditions in the contract.

How many question can you miss to score 80 percent on a 25 question test?

5, but only if you get all the rest correct. Can you guarantee that?

What is performance bank guarantee?

The seller issues a Performance Guarantee to ensure or give concrete commitment to the buyer through its bank. This method ensures the buyer the timely execution of an agreement to have the goods exported or delivered or services performed. In case the seller defaults on execution of the terms agreed upon the Performance Bank Guarantee ensures the buyer the payment of the guarantee amount by the issuing bank. Generally the performance guarantee is 10 percent of the total assignment or project value.

Can you get 100 percent placement guarantee after finishing the 4 month film editing course?

No, and it could be more difficult if you cannot be bothered to check your spelling!

Does Geico really save you 15 percent on your car insurance?

According to the companies own commercials a driver "Could" save "up to" 15 percent. There is no guarantee of any savings at all for any amount. So, although some will save 2 percent, or 5 percent or even up to 15 percent, Most people will find no savings at all or will get a higher rate than they now pay..

Does net hosting guarantee a 100 percent uptime for a website?

Most of the time a new hosting does in fact garantee a 100 percent uptime for a website but keep in mind that some of these may have crashes everynow and then that shut the site down or mae it run slowly.

Does joint tenant with rights of survivorship guarantee 50 percent ownership if property is sold?

Yes, if there are two owners. Joint tenants have an equal interest in their real estate by law.

Do you know that emcons business academy in kolkata is giving 100 percent placement guarantee?

Please get the phone/email list of all passed out students (MBA and BBA) and you will get to the truth.

What was the percent increase in the number of people over 65 from 1900 to 1910?

what was the percent increase in the number of people over 65 from 1900 to 1910? I really can't tell you that but if you look up some more websites I guarantee that you'll get your answer......go to and see if they can give you an answer.