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Q: Can eating 8 bananas day make you skinny in a week?
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Can eating chocolate once in week cause stomach infection?

Obviously not! But , it can make you suffer from tooth cavity , if you continue eating chocolates once in a week for 3-4 months.

Why bananas is only monkeys food?

Bananas are not just for monkeys. Monkeys love bananas but so do people and many other fruit loving creatures. I like bananas and buy a bunch every week.

What is the tv series called where a fat person and a skinny person swap food for a week?

supersize vs. super skinny

Do bananas rot in a week or six days?

Aparently, Bananas rot in 2 weeks 33 Days And 1 Month.

How do you lose 10 pds in a week for a 130 pd 12 year old girl?

If your planing on doing that...don't it's very unhealthy. Try to lose those extra pounds by eating right and staying active. But remember, being skinny doesn't really matter. The only thing you should worry about is be HEALTHY. Not skinny.

How do you get skinny at the age of twelve?

i am thirteen and you can get slimmer by eating less and moving more, try cutting your calorie intake by say 200 calories and doing a couple of hours more exercise each week. It really is that easy! :D

How can you lose weight in a week without pills?

Yes... All you have to do is make sure you are eating healthy, and exercise daily.

How can you get skinny now?

First of all there is no definite way to get skinny right away. Some people have a large bone structure. I urge you to not try anything hasty, dangerous, or harmful. If you wish to loose a couple pound then stretch and exercise around 3-5 times a week. If you are not used to exercizing that often then start slow. Remember to stretch and gradually increase over the weeks. Eliminate too many fatty foods and monitor your diet. DO NOT stop eating anything unhealthy all together. This will just make you crave for it more and can lead to serious eating disorders.

What will happen if stops weight training?

you get skinny and weedy and week like weeds and sticks

How can you lose weight if you weight 150 pounds and plays a lot of sports?

do you eat healthy and just Cary on eating nuts and fruit it does work and drink alot of water. why don't you try eaqting specil k and live on bananas and milk for a week

How do you get bigger beast in a week?

eating right

What are the release dates for Expedition Week - 2011 Eating with Cannibals?

Expedition Week - 2011 Eating with Cannibals was released on: USA: 3 April 2011