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With 107 marks in NATA and 90 in board exams, you can be admitted at USAP.

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Q: Can i get admission in USAP ipu with 107 marks in nata and 90 in boards?
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What should be the NATA score to get admission in SPA-Delhi?

spa,delhi admits students thru aieee and not nata.....soe.....theres no use of nata score 4 spa.

What should be the average score of both 12th std and NATA to get admission in Sir JJ college of architecture?

combine 12 and nata is 100

How much marks needed in NATA for CEPT university?


Is 97 a good score in nata exam?

Yes. You need at least 80 out of 200 marks to pass. The score is calculated by the admitting colleges by adding 50 percent of your Board Marks and 50 percent of your NATA marks.

What if you have not cleared nata, are you eligible to get admission in barchitecture at lovely professional university?

To gain admission into an architecture college, NATA is one of the national tests that you can take among others. However, if you were unable to clear NATA this year, there are other options available to you. You can use your JEE B.Arch rank to apply to the same college that accepts NATA, or you can consider taking any other aptitude exam that is accepted by the college. Due to the recent changes in the rules of NATA, many students were unable to take the exam this year. As a result, the Council of Architecture (COA) has allowed colleges to accept both NATA and JEE B.Arch scores for admission. Some states, such as Punjab, have also introduced their own architecture aptitude tests for students who did not clear NATA or did not appear for it. To ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the college you wish to apply to, it is advisable to check their website for more information. Hope this helps.

Is NATA compulsory for taking admission in BArch in aieee?

han ab hami bata de

What is a Nata?

NATA in India is also Short Form of National Aptitutde Test in Architecture which is an entrance Exam conducted by the coucil of Architecture in India. Architecture Aspirants take NATA Exam to get Admission in to Various Architecture Colleges in India Takshshila Provides Coaching for NATA Entrance Exam in Hyderabad, India For More Details Contact +91-9963338877

What is the admission criteria for getting admission in Chandigarh college of architecture?

Admission in architechture entirely depends upon cutoff of NATA exam. There are other good universities also where u can apply like: VIT, LPU, Sharda.

How do you spell nata in Hebrew?

nata = נטה

How to get admission to architecture colleges in mumbai based on your nata score?

the admission process for the b.arch course is not dependent only on your nata score.equal preference is given to the 12th standard percentage .the 12th percentage is halved(say if u get 70, it amounts to 35),also the nata score(out of 200)is made 1/4th (ie. say if u get 12o,it amounts to 30).both th scores are then added(ie,it becomes out of hundred now,in the above exmple it becomes 65)....this is considered ur final score ...

What is duty of the NATA?

The NATA has the duty to assure technical competence.

When was Ceylonthelphusa nata created?

Ceylonthelphusa nata was created in 2001.