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Yes. You can use it more than one time as long as it takes 2-5 business days to change the settings.

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Q: Can i use a personal check more than one time?
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Is there a time limit to cash a personal check?


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What is the time frame for cashing a personal check?

The time frame for cashing a personal check is usually six months after it has been issued. The cash is usually processed within six days.

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Is there a time limit for cashing an estate check?

There is a limit on cashing any check. Most banks will not honor a check more than 90 days old.

How long is a personal check valid for?

It was 6 months. Check with any bank to be sure of the time limit.

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The length of time it will take to get a financial aid refund check will depend on your personal situation and the time at which a refund check is requests. In order to find a more specific answer, you should contact Everest University.

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Is there a time limit for stopping payment on a personal check?

Once the person/place you gave the check to, cashes the check, you cannot stop payment.

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