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yes but only in cases when the other variable equals the same.

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Q: Can n equals 1 orbit can only hold two electrons?
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How many electrons can the S sublevel hold?

there are two electons in the s sublevel. It is the number of electrons that fit in the first orbital around an atom.

What is the maximum number of electrons that each of the fi rst three electron orbits can hold starting from the nucleus?

1st orbit - 2 2nd orbit - 8 3rd orbit - 8 all together all three orbits can hold up to 18 electrons.

Why can heluim only have two valence electrons?

Because Helium, as the atom number 2, has only 2 protons in the nucleus, so the element He can 'hold' only 2 electrons in its prime K-orbit. However they should not be referred as 'valence' electrons, because they don't participate in valency (= capable of bonding): the K-orbit is stable and filled up and can NEITHER collect more electrons from NOR it will provide its own pair of electrons to other elements thus making it inert (Helium is a 'nobel' gas)

Why do outer shells of atoms hold more electrons?

Because the shell can only hold eight electrons. check

What electrons have only one orbit or shell?

hydrogen (H) and helium (He)

How many orbitals does helium have?

Helium has only two electrons, and they share one orbital (forming a complementary pair).

What is the maximum number of electron that an outer energy level can hold?

Each inner energy level of an atom can hold a maximum number of electrons. Electrons orbit around the nucleus of an atom in shells. Each shell has a set maximum number of electrons it can hold, and the shell has to be completely filled before electrons can start filling up the next shell.

How many electrons would you need to fill the outermost ring of hydrogen?

The outermost ring of hydrogen, or the first energy level, can only hold a maximum of 2 electrons.

What is the number of electrons that can be found in the 1st shell of neon?

The first shell of Neon, known as the K shell, can only hold two electrons. The first shell of any chemical element can only hold two electrons.

How many electrons can a single orbital hold in the 3d level?

Yes a single orbital in the 3d level can hold 2 electrons.

Why are only electrons removed from atom?

In a chemical reaction only electrons are removed because they are in the outer orbit rather than the nucleus and so it is more energetically favorable for them to be removed.

What moves at a high speed around nucleus of an atom?

This particle is the electron moving in it's orbital " around " the nucleus.