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Yes, as long as the decimal does not go on forever without repeating.

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Q: Can negative decimals be a rational number?
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Is negative 30 a rational number?

If you can completely write a number, using digits, fractions and decimals, then the number is rational. You appear to have accomplished that.

Why are negative repeating decimals, rational?

If you convert repeating decimals into a fraction, you see that the repeating decimals are rational.

Is negative 3 irrational?

No, -3 is a rational number. All fractions are rational along with all decimals that terminate or repeat. (this applies to both positive and negative numbers.)

Are negative decimals rational numbers?

Yes, negative decimal numbers are rational, as long as it is terminating or repeating.

Is -46.27 a rational number?

ANY number with a finite number of decimals (and some that have an infinite number of decimals) are rational.

What is an integer that is natural rational and whole number?

Integer: Negative numbers, zero, positive numbers. NO fractions/decimals Natural: Positive numbers. NO zero, negative numbers, fractions/decimals. Whole number: Positive numbers, zero. NO negative numbers, fractions/decimals. Therefore, a natural, rational, whole integer, would be: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ...

Is negative 4 over 3 rational or irrational?

Rational -1.(3 repeating) Any repeating decimals are rational. However, a number such as pi (3.141592654...) does not repeat or end.

Is -0.28764 an irrational or a rational number?

It is a rational number because if need be it can be expressed as a fraction.

Is a rational number a repeating decimal?

All repeating decimals are rational numbers. Not all rational numbers are repeating decimals.

Is 40 a rational or irrational number?

Any whole number, any number with a finite number of decimals, and some numbers with an infinite number of decimals, are rational.

Why is 0.58 a rational number?

All terminating decimals are rational.

Is the decimal .6 rational?

Any number with a finite number of decimals is rational.