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Q: Can nine sixteenths be reduced
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Which fraction is greater six sixteenths or nine sixteenths?


What is nine sixteenths as decimal?


What are two equivalent fractions to nine sixteenths?

Negative nine over negative sixteen, and eighteen thirty-seconds are both equivalent to nine sixteenths.

What is equivalent to nine sixteenths?

eighteen thirtysecondths

What is nine sixteenths in decimal form?


What is nine sixteenths converted to a decimal?


How much longer than nine sixteenths is seven eighths?

9/16=0.5625 7/8=0.875 7/8 - 9/16=0.3125 Another way to look at this is to consider that seven eighths is the same as fourteen sixteenths, and fourteen sixteenths is five sixteenths greater than nine sixteenths.

Can nine sixteenths be simplified?

No. There are no common factors.

What is eleven and a half minus nine sixteenths?


What is half of the fraction nine sixteenths?


What is nine sixteenths divided by three tenths?

The answer is 1.875

What is nine-sixteenths plus thirteent-twentyfourth?


Is three fourths greater than nine sixteenths?


How do you make nine and sixteenths into a decimal?

9/16 = 0.56

What is nine-sixteenths minus seven-eighths?

The answer is -5/16.The explanation for this answer is:To make this an easier question to solve, you should multiply 7/8 by 2/2, making it 14/16 (fourteen-sixteenths).Therefore, 9/16 (nine-sixteenths) - 14/16 (fourteen-sixteenths) = -5/16 (negative five-sixteenths)-5/16 cannot be simplified so it is the answer.

What does nine sixteenths plus two eighths equal?


What is the least common denominator of seven twelfths and nine sixteenths?

It is 48

What is an equivalent fraction ten sixteenths?

5/8 is the equivalent, reduced fraction for 10/16.

What is 290cm in feet and inches?

Nine foot six inches and three sixteenths.

What is nine sixteenths as a decimal?

You can get this with a calculator by going 9 divided by 16=0.5625

How many sixteenths of an inch is 7mm?

4.4 sixteenths.4.4 sixteenths.4.4 sixteenths.4.4 sixteenths.

Is three fourths greater than or less than nine sixteenths?

Greater than

What is five ninths of nine sixteenths?

5/9 of 9/16 is 5/16

Can the fraction four over nine be reduced?

No, it is fully reduced.

What fraction is equivalent to nine sixteenths?

If you multiply top and bottom by the same number, you get an equivalent fraction.