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Yes, you can always have heavier wire than code requires.

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Q: Can one leg of a 240 volt circuit be capped and the circuit breaker changed to make an existing 240 volt outlet into a 120 volt outlet?
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Can wires be disconnected from a circuit breaker and be capped and lefted in the circuit breaker panel box?

Yes. It's totally fine just tuck them out of the way and cap off separately. It would be impossible to pull that wire out as its probably stapled off inside the wall

Can wires disconnected from a circuit breaker be left in the circuit breaker panel if they are capped with wire nuts?

Yes. It woul be impossible to pull that wire out as it is probably stapled off somewhere in the wall. Don't cut em back either. Just curl them up nicely out of the way and cap off separately for future use if needed.

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