Can one line have 2 slopes?

Updated: 11/3/2022
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If the line is a straight line, meaning 180degrees, it can only have one slope. If it is a function (f(x)= or y=) then the line may have more than one, one, or an undefined slope. Find the first differential of the function and plug in your given x value to find the slope at any given point.

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Q: Can one line have 2 slopes?
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How do slopes of perpendicular lines compare?

Slopes of perpendicular lines will be opposite reciprocals. This means that the slopes have opposite signs and that one is 1/ the other. For example, 2 and -1/2.

If two lines are parallel what do you know about their slopes?

If two lines are parallel, they have the same slope.(And if they are perpendicular, the product of their slopes is minus one - unless one line is horizontal and the other vertical.)

If the slope of a line is -2 What is the slope parallel to it?

-2. Slopes of parallel lines are the same. If the lines are different it is the intercedpt that is different.

What are the slopes of perpendicular lines called?

Slopes of line perpendicular to the x-axis are undefined.

What kind of slopes do perpendicular lines have?

The slopes of perpendicular lines are reciprocals of each other. For example. if one line had an equation like y= 2x+4 then the perpendicular's slope would be y=x/2+4 -- they are reciprocals of each other.

The slopes of perpendicular lines are?

They are the negative reciprocal of each other. Fo rexample, if a line has slope = +2, then the line perpendicular to it has slope -1/2

How do you graph y equals 2x-3?


Which formula is correct for the slopes of perpendicular lines?

if slope is given as m then perpendicular slope is -1/m (negative inverse)

Can a line have two slopes why or why not?

Yes it can, but it would not then be a straight line but an angle.

What is a hachure line?

One of the short lines used on maps to shade or to indicate slopes and their degree and direction.

What is the difference between slopes of parallel lines and slopes of perpendicular lines?

Slopes of parallel lines have the same slope (they are changing at the same rate).Slopes of perpendicular lines have slopes that are the negative inverse of each other, that is, their product is -1. (The slope of a vertical line is therefore undetermined, not infinity. There is no slope s that times 0 equals -1.)---Let m1 be the slope of line one and m2 be the slope of line two. Then:If the lines are parallel, then their slopes are equal, so m1 - m2 = 0.If the lines are perpendicular, then their slopes are negative inverses of each other, so= m1 - (-1/m1)= m1 + 1/m1= (m12 + 1)/m1

Are two lines with different slopes perpendicular?

Only by coincidence. Two lines on a graph are perpendicular if and only if one slope is the negative reciprocal of the other: meaning that if one line has a slope of 3/2, the other would have to have a gradient of -2/3.