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Q: Can people alone tell apart a penny dime nickel and quarter alone?
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Can people use their sense of hearing alone to tell apart a penny nickel dime and quarter?


Can people use their sense of hearing alone to tell apart a penny dime nickel and quarter?

Yes. If people can find the differences in other people's voices, then you could indicate the difference in coins. If listened to closely, then you could tell.

How can you tell apart a nickel and a quarter?

A quarter is bigger than a nickle. Also, a quarter has ridges all around the edge whereas a nickel has smooth edges

If you drop a quarter dime nickel and penny using the scence of hearing bliknd folded can yolu tell them apart?

dont awenser these questions their lies i dislike this website dont go on here

What is the silver content of a 1968 Canadian 25 cent coin?

There are two varieties of the 1968 Canadian quarter. One is 50% silver with 50% copper, and the other is pure nickel. The easiest way to tell them apart is with a magnet. The nickel version is magnetic, while the silver/copper version is not.

How many people died from thunder?

Apart from the shock, there are no reported deaths from thunder alone.

What is the value of a 1968 Canadian quarter?

There was a composition change in Canadian dimes and quarters that year. One version is 50% silver/50% copper, and currently worth $1.60 for the silver. The other is pure nickel, and is worth 25 cents. The simple way to tell them apart is with a magnet, as nickel is magnetic.

How does Okonkwo threaten people of the town to listen to him in Things Fall Apart?

No such event happens. However, Okonkwo does argue against leaving the Christians alone.

What phases is seen when the moon and sun are 90 degrees apart?

"First Quarter" and "Third Quarter" (Moon half-illuminated.)

How far apart is the phase of a full moon and first quarter?

In time, about 22 days from Full Moon to First Quarter, or 7 days from First Quarter to Full Moon.

How do people lack in socializing?

not willing to talk, listen to others not being involved in group discussion,games,or plans prefers to be alone or apart from a group of people

What is the define of isolation?

cause (a person or place) to be or remain alone or apart from others.

What is someone who lives alone or apart from others called?


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The GK is allowed in the quarter it is defending, but only that quarter. The GS is also only allowed in the quarter it is attacking. GA is allowed in the Middle quarter and the quarter they are attacking. The GD is also allowed only in the Middle quarter and the quarter it is defending in. The Centre is allowed anywhere in the court apart from the shooting semi-circles.

What is another word for apart?

Some other words for apart are aside, alone, cut off, and disassociated. Additional synonyms for apart are independent, separately, to one side, and exclusively.

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It means to be apart from a group. To be alone or singled out.

What apart from iron is the center of the earth made from?

The element nickel is also present, as well as traces of lighter elements.

Apart from iron nickel and steel which other metals are magnetic and which is the odd one out?

steel,tin ,cobalt ,chromium...

Why do people put quarters in their ears?

Hawaii, coins are not allowed to be placed in one's ears. The reason for this is because in 1900 when Hawaii became apart of the United States, there was an order to destroy all Hawaiian coins, and people would hide them in their ears; now it is a sign of being a drug dealer."May 1, 2014. From Google

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they grow better alone because organisms that live with plants that are together are not likely to do as well as plants that are apart

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Platypuses are solitary animals, tending to live alone.

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Meteorites come from the center of asteroids that have broken apart. They usually contain bits of metal such as copper and nickel.

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solitary, isolated, apart, by yourself, unaccompanied, lonely, abandoned, desolate, forlorn

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The people in Things Fall Apart are villagers of the Igbo tribe.

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* People change. * People move apart. * People's needs change. * People die and move apart permanently.