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Any rational positive number is still rational

when you make the same number negative.

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Q: Can rational numbers be negative
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Related questions

Can rational numbers not be negative?

Rational numbers can be negative or positive.

Are all rational numbers negative?

Negative numbers can be rational but not all negative have to be rational. It all depends if they can be put into a fraction.

Are all negative numbers are rational?

No, not all negative numbers are rational. There are many negative numbers that are irrational, just like the positive numbers.

What set does a negative fraction belong to?

It belongs to the set of negative rational numbers, negative real numbers, fractionall numbers, rational numbers, real numbers.

How do you convert negative numbers to rational numbers?

You do nothing. They are already rational numbers.

Are negative decimals rational numbers?

Yes, negative decimal numbers are rational, as long as it is terminating or repeating.

Can negative one half be a rational number?

Yes - all numbers that can be written as ratios, even negative numbers, are rational numbers.

What set of numbers does -12 belong to?

-12 belongs to at least the sets of all numbers, of integers and negative integers, of rational numbers and negative rational numbers, and all negative numbers.

Can rational numbers be a negative?


What are rational numbers but not negative numbers between negative 6 and positive 6?

They are the infinite number of rational numbers between 0 and +6

How do you use negative rational numbers?

Negative rational numbers are used in the same way that negative whole numbers are used: they are simply the additive inverses of their positive counterparts.

Are negative numbers rational numbers?

All negative integers can be expressed as improper or vulgar fractions just as positive numbers can, and therefore, all negative integers are also rational numbers.

When multiplying and dividing rational numbers how do you know if the answer will be a negative?

It the two rational numbers have different signs, then the answer will be negative, otherwise it will be positive.

Is 0 is the smallest rational number?

It is the smallest non-negative rational number. Negative numbers are rational and are smaller.

Are negative rational numbers fractions?

Go back to the origin of Rational. This derives from Ratio. Therefore all rational numbers are ratios - they are rational numbers.

Do irrational and rational form a negative number set?

No. Irrational and rational numbers can be non-negative.

Can a rational number be negative in the denominator?

Yes. It can also be negative in the numerator. Both positive and negative numbers (as well as zero) can be rational numbers. Both positive and negative numbers can be irrational numbers. Both positive and negative numbers (as well as zero) can be integers.

Is negative 12.04 a rational or irrational?

12.04 is rational. Rational numbers are numbers that can be written as a fraction. Irrational numbers cannot be expressed as a fraction.

Can rational numbers be positive and negative?

Yes, they can.

Can Negative Integers be Rational Numbers?


Are negative whole numbers rational?


Is the two rational numbers is always negative?


What number categories does -3.75?

Negative rational numbers; Negative real numbers; Rational numbers; Real numbers. The number also belongs to the set of complex numbers, quaternions and supersets.

Are rational numbers always integers?

Most of the time yes, positive or negative whole numbers count as rational numbers. So do positive or negative fractions.

What number does the number -1 belongs?

Integers, odd integers, negative integers, odd negative integers, rational numbers, negative rational numbers, real numbers, negative real numbers, square roots of 1, etc.