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Yes, scientific notation can be negative. For example -345 would be -3.45 x 102.

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Q: Can scientific notation be a negative?
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How do you write negative 9043000 in scientific notation?

negative 9043000 in scientific notation is -9.043 x 10^6

Can a negative number be expressed in scientific notation?

Yes, a negative number can be expressed in scientific notation. In scientific notation, a negative number is indicated by the negative sign (-) placed before the first significant digit. The number is then written in the form of a decimal number between 1 and 10, multiplied by a power of 10. For example, -3.2 x 10^-5 is a negative number expressed in scientific notation.

What is the scientific notation for 7.7222 x 10 to the negative eighth?

The scientific notation is: 7.7222 x 10-8 The standard notation is: 0.000000077222

What does a negative exponent signify in scientific notation?

A decimal.

How can you express negative numbers in scientific notation?

Write the mantissa as a negative number.

What is the stander form for scientific notation?

The form for scientific notation is a*10b where 1 <= a < 10, and b is an integer (positive or negative).

What is the scientific notation of 1.5x10 to the negative three?

1.5 x 10-3 is already in scientific notation. The same figure is equal to 0.0015 in standard notation.

What is 0.9 times 10 to the negative power of 1 as scientific notation?

0.9x10-1 is 0.09. In scientific notation, 9x10-2

Scientific notation of 6 negative?

It is -6 or -6*10^0 if you wish to emphasise the scientific notation!

What is the scientific notation of 0.0152?

the scientific notation is 152 times 10 to the negative 4th power

How do you write 0.801 using scientific notation?

0.801 written in scientific notation is 8.01 x 10 to the negative 1 power

How do you subtract two negative scientific notation numbers and come out with a negative scientific notation number?

if the smaller negative sci notation # being subtracted from the larger example: (-1.0x10^0) - (-2.0x10^0) is the same as -1-(-2)= -1 + 2 = 1