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why yes, yes it can.

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Q: Can soil pollution result in dangerous levels of silver?
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How many energy levels do silver have?

Silver has 5 energy levels. 😄

How many energy levels does a silver atom have?

It has five energy levels!

Can you use silver nitrate for abortions?

Not recommended; silver nitrate is corrosive and dangerous.

How many sub levels does silver have?


What is the result of silver and gold when combined?

Gold and silver form alloys.

What are Pokemon soul silver evolve levels?

Levels Pokemon evolve range from 7-55.

One result of the gold and silver rushes of the late 19th century was what?

As a result of the Compromise of 1877, Reconstruction ... One result of the gold and silver rushes of the late 19th century was.

What is silver quadraplate?

It's a process of plating four levels of silver over a composition of metals to have the look of a sterling silver item

What levels does larvitar evolve in soul silver?

Level 30

What levels do voltorb evolve on Pokemon soul silver?

level 30

What levels should your Pokemon be when you get to red in soul silver?

higher than his

On Sims 2 for Nintendo DS what are all the sanity levels?

There are four sanity levels red,green,brown and silver

Is silver dangerous?

silver is dangerous Silver is a mildly toxic element. When the metal or its compounds get on the skin, they can cause a bluish appearance known as argyria or argyrosis. Breathing in silver dust can have serious long-term health effects also. The highest recommended exposure for silver dust is 0.1 milligrams per cubic meter of air.

Is a tarnished silverwared is a result of chemical change?

Yes. Tarnished silver is caused by the reaction of the silver with oxygen.

What is the result of mixing glucose with ammonical silver nitrate silver?

A rare element: UZU^2 - Uzumaki

Why is a silver spoon turning black a chemical change property?

This is the result of the silver reacting with the oxygen in the air.

Why should silver chloride be protected from light will result be high or low if you don't protect your silver chloride?

When the light hits silver chloride it loses electrons and becomes metal and chlorine, so the result would be low.

How do you get loads of silver in wow?

if you mean silver as in money. for lower levels it's running dungeons For mining, i would assume mining silver deposits anywhere you find them.

Why is silver jewelry tarnishing a chemical change?

Because it is a reaction on the silver surface between silver and hydrogen sulphide (H2S); the result is the silver sulphide (Ag2S), a black compound.

Why do silver anklets turn black over time?

It is due to the formation of silver sulphide ,as a result of the reaction between silver and hydrogen sulphide in the air.

Is silver dangerous or good natured and well behaved?

im not totlay sure if it's deinately dangerous but when at room temperature its quite dangerous to breathe in. i think this is corredt. hope this helped you!

What is the molecular formula for silver oxalate?

The molecular formula for silver oxalate is Ag2C2O4.Silver oxalate is a white powder that is produced as a result of a reaction between silver nitrate and oxalic acid.

What is result when silver nitrate is added to a starch?

The solution turns purple.

How do you evolve houndour in Pokemon soul silver?

houndour levels up and evolves into houndoom.

What color does silver become when oxidized?

Silver tarnishes when it reacts with hydrogen sulfide in the air to form Silver sulfide. Levels of tarnish will vary from a yellow tint to yellow-black to black.