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This is from personal experience, but for me it certainly did. The results were no less than magic. I would usually drink about four or five beers a day for years and couldn't stop. I took glutamine and *instantly* no longer wanted alcohol at all. And for me, it was far less than 1500 mg a day. The first time I tried it, from stuff I read on the web, I took 1000 mg and got pretty bad insomnia. So I gradually reduced the dose to about 125 to 250 mg and it still works flawlessly. I had hypoclyemic problems for many years before taking up drinking and it turns out glutamine is effective for sugar cravings too. It strongly looks like the alcohol was merely a way to self medicate since alcohol is processed differently than regular carbs and there has no been a known association between Alcoholism and hypoglycemia. I further suspected this was the case with me since rarely did I drink for 'emotional' reasons. Sometimes, but very rarely. It just felt like I needed the alcohol. So it looks like in my case at least my drinking problem was merely a blood sugar problem. (I used to literally eat sugar when I was a young kid, so unless someone wants to argue I was a sugaraholic, I think claiming alcohol has some special power is silly.) So, again from mostly personal experience, but with some studies backing it up, if your craving is from a blood sugar problem, it may work wonders. If it is from emotional problems, I don't know.

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Q: Can taking L-Glutamine 3 doses of 500 mg per day reduce cravings for alcohol?
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