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If they do not have a ballast, then yes. If you can see the wiring look for components other that resistors. If you see caps, chips, inductors, or diodes you cannot dim it. I cannot offer more without more details on the lamp. Consult the packaging.

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Q: Can the new bright white LED lights be used on a circuit with a standard TRIAC-type dimmer switch?
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Can a single pole switch can be use as a dimmer?

No a switch just opens and closes a circuit. A switch can be replaced by a dimmer switch. The dimmer switch will fit in the same enclosure that the switch is removed from.

Can a screw in bulb fixture be converted to hold a halogen bulb?

No, not directly. You can buy Halogen bulbs that are made to be used in a standard light socket. They are for sale at the standard outlets. I have a number of these in my house, and I use these in some of my light sockets. Just for you information I have one in my lap as I am typing this it is a Philips Master 120 Volts 60 Watt bulb. The only condition is that you have to get a specific bulb for dimmer circuits, a standard halogen does not work with dimmers. The bulbs have ceramic insulator protecting a balast circuit, the dimmer bulbs have a rather large ceramic end, that is sometimes enclosed inside the standard light globe. All the standard bulb manufacturers should sell these. You just cannot use Halogen bulbs in enclosed lights unless they are made for this purpose, as is the dimmer variant I wrote about.

Is it possible to wire a dimmer switch off another dimmer switch for a completeley different light?

No, the dimmer switch needs its own individual circuit power supply to feed the fixtures connected to it. The black of the second dimmer switch can not be connected to the red wire of the first dimmer switch. Now if you are talking about using a common "hot" to feed two dimmer switches then this can be done. The neutrals will be common also. So what you should have is two black wires connected together with the incoming "hot". Two neutrals connected together with the incoming white. The red from each dimmer is then connected to its own individual fixture load.

How do you install a rheostat instead of a light switch?

A rheostat is an extremely ancient form of variable resistor that was used very largely to vary voltage. As you mention replacing a light switch, presumably you want to install a dimmer? If so, lighting dimmers are solid state and are a simple replacement for a standard switch. NOTE - you cannot use a conventional dimmer on anything but standard incandescent lamps. They will not work on low volt, fluorescent or halogen lamps (or HID). Make sure that the circuit breaker is turned off before starting work on changing the switch out. Just for the sake of convention the top wire on your conventional switch should be the hot one. Connect this same wire to the top wire that is on your new dimmer switch. Make sure that the dimmer switch is in the off position before turning the breaker back on.

What does a dimmer reduce volts or amps?

Voltage. A dimmer usaly chops the sine wave, leting it pass after a while.Another answerThe dimmer effectively becomes another device in the circuit. It effectively becomes a series circuit, therefore the voltage to the dimmed lights will be reduced in proportion with the relative position of the dimmer switch. HOWEVER...there is such a thing as "pulse width modulation" dimmers. They are typically used for devices that need full voltage but but you need to reduce output... such as fluorescent lights some fans and many other motors.Most dimmers are resistance type dimmers since the pulse width modulation dimmers are far more expensive.

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A bright star can appear dimmer than a less bright star if the bright star is?

Farther away!

What is Dimmer in electronic circuits?

something in a circuit

If a new bulb is added and the electrical circuit becomes dimmer is it a parallel circuit?

No it's series circuit.

What does a dash rheostat do on a 1995 Mercedes e300d?

That is the dash light dimmer control switch.. Rheostat = Dimmer. Bright to dim.

Can a single pole switch can be use as a dimmer?

No a switch just opens and closes a circuit. A switch can be replaced by a dimmer switch. The dimmer switch will fit in the same enclosure that the switch is removed from.

In a series circuit of three bulbs adding another one will?

Do nothing. But in a parallel circuit, all the bulbs will get dimmer.

What happens to the brightness of the bulb When you put a dimmer switch in your series circuit and turn it up?

I'm not sure what you mean by turning a dimmer switch "up".-- When the dimming action of the device is turned 'up', the bulbbecomes more dim, that is, less bright.-- The dimmer may have an arrow printed on its control, labeled 'brighter'.In that case, when you turn the control in the direction of the arrow,the light becomes brighter, i.e. less dim.

What the relationship between magnitude and size of the star?

The brightness of a star depends on its temperature, size and distance from the earth. The measure of a star's brightness is called its magnitude. Bright stars are first magnitude stars. Second magnitude stars are dimmer. The larger the magnitude number, the dimmer is the star.The magnitude of stars may be apparent or absolute.

Can dimmers control switched receptacles intended for plug in lamps?

You can wire a dimmer into any circuit. The issue is where you do it for a specific outlet. The dimmer would just have to connect to a single outlet and not all outlets on the same circuit. The issue is getting a dimmer that is compatible with the device you are dimming. Some lighting requires special dimmers.

How can a star give off the most light and not be the brightest in the sky?

How bright a star appears depends on both its actual brightness and how far away it is. The farther away a star is, the dimmer it appears. A bright but very distant star many therefore appear dimmer than a less bright star that is closer to us.

Why would a 1990 Pontiac Fire Fly have bright lights but not dim?

Its the dimmer switch bad.

When you click for bright lights the headlights go out What do you do?

This is usually an indication that the dimmer switch is in need of replacement.