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Actually No. It is a Prime number.

Except 1 and 47, there is no other number that can divide 47 and produce a whole number

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Q: Can the number 47 be divided by anything?
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Related questions

Is 47 prime or composite number?

prime, because it can't be divided by anything but one and it's self

What can 47 be divided by?

1, 47 (47 is a prime number).

What is 47 47?

if you mean 47/47, any number divided by itself will be one

How to work out 47 is divided by a mystery number there is a remainder of 3 what could the mystery number be-?


Which number is a composite number 47 13 17 21?

21 is a composite number, as it can be divided by 7 and 3. The other three numbers are prime numbers and do not divide into anything besides themselves.

What number divided by 9 has the answer 47 remainder 6?

Number = 9 x 47 + 6 = 429

Can 47 be divided by a number?

Yes, by 1 and itself.

Can 47 be divided by any number?

By one and itself.

Can 47 be divided equally?

No because it's a prime number. Can be divided by 1 and its self.

Is 47 a prime or composite number why?

47 is prime. A number that is prime has only whole factors one and itself. 47 can not be divided evenly without a remainder or decimal.

How to work out 47 is divided by a mystery number there is a remainder of 3 what could the mystery number be?


What is the smallest number that can be taken from 4979 to give a number that can be divided by 47?

It is: 44

What is a number k divided by 15 equals 47?


Which number is prime 47 61 112?

There are listed two prime numbers, 47 and 61. 112 is not a prime number since it is an even number and can be divided by 2.

Can 47 be divided?

Yes by itself and one because it is a prime number

How would you write the algebraic expression for the difference of 47 and a number divided by 2?


What can you divide by 47?

anything in the 47x table (i.e. 47, 94, 141 etc)....or maybe you meant what can 47 be divided by.In that case the answer would be just 47 and 1. Hence 47 is a prime number.[If you didn't mean that then please ignore that last bit] ;-)

What is the whole number 8 over 1?

It means 8 divided by 1. And anything divided by 1 is itself!

Can 520 be divided?

anything that ends in an even number can be divided.

47 is divided by a mystery number There is a remainder of 3 What could the mystery number be?


What is 188 divided by 4?


What is 47 divided by 1?


Can 127 be divided by anything?

It is a prime number; it can be divided by 1 and 127.

What number can be divided into 3713?

1, 47, 79, 3713.

Is 47 prime number?

Yes, it isn't divisible by anything.