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In Euclidean planar geometry, not unless they're collinear, in which case they intersect an infinite number of times.

In other types of geometry ... maybe.

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Q: Can three coplanar lines intersect twice?
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What is the maximum number of distinct intersections of 30 different coplanar circles?

No two circles can intersect more than twice. Each circle can intersect with each other circle. Thus there ought to be 2 × 30 × (30 - 1) intersections. However, this counts each intersection twice: once for each circle. Thus the answer is half this, giving: maximum_number_of_intersections = ½ × 2 × 30 × (30 - 1) = 30 × 29 = 870.

Does a tangent intersect a circle twice?

no. you have to draw it such that it doesn't.

How do you find the venn diagram for union of three sets?

Draw your Venn Diagram as three overlapping circles. Each circle is a set. The union of the sets is what's contained within all 3 circles, making sure not to count the overlapping portion twice. An easier problem is when you have 2 sets, lets say A and B. In a Venn Diagram that looks like 2 overlapping circles. A union B = A + B - (A intersect B) A intersect B is the region that both circles have in common. You subtract that because it has already been included when you added circle A, so you don't want to add that Again with circle B, thus you subtract after adding B. With three sets, A, B, C A union B union C = A + B - (A intersect B) + C - (A intersect C) - (B intersect C) + (A intersect B intersect C) You have to add the middle region (A intersect B intersect C) back because when you subtract A intersect C and B intersect C you are actually subtracting the very middle region Twice, and that's not accurate. This would be easier to explain if we could actually draw circles.

How many times can 2 circles with different diameters intersect?

Twice max.

Design a combinational circuit that accepts a three bit number and generates a binary output equal to twice the input value?

There is no need for a combinatorial circuit to multiply a number by two. A binary number, left shifted one place, is twice the original binary number. The specific answer to the question is that you would connect the three input lines to the three high order output line of four output lines, and connect the low order bit of the four output lines to logic 0. If the three input lines were labelled A, B, and C, the output would be A, B, C, and 0.

The angle of rotation is the measure of the angle formed by the lines?

the answer is twice. the angle of rotation is twice the measure

How is the center of the gravity determined when an object is at rest or in motion?

If the object is a thin lamina with uniform thickness (e.g. a piece of paper), the the centre of gravity of the object is at its geometrical centre. It can be determined by suspending a load (e.g. pendulum) on an edge of the lamina twice and the point where the plumb lines intersect is the centre of gravity.

Does to intersect each other mean also to bisect each other?

No. If two lines intersect they cross each other. To bisect each other, means that the lines not only intersect but that also that the point where the two line[ segment]s cross is the mid point of both of the line[ segment]s. Examples, consider: The diagonals of a kite ABCD with sides AB & AD equal (2 cm each), and BC & DC equal and twice the length of the other two sides (4 cm each). The diagonals AC and BD intersect each other; BD is bisected by AC but AC is NOT bisected by BD. The diagonals of a right angle trapezium ABCD with ∠DAB and ∠ADC right angles (so sides AB and DC are parallel) and with sides AB = 2 cm, CD = 14 cm and AD = 5 cm (side BC = 13 cm). The diagonals AC and BD intersect, but NEITHER bisects the other. The diagonals AC and BD of a square ABCD not only intersect each other, but they also do, in this case, bisect each other.

What is the quotient of twice a number and five?

What is the quotient of twice the number and three

How many people would get a slice of pizza if you cut it twice once vertically and once horizonally?

Cutting any convex polygon twice in such a way that the cuts intersect inside the polygon will divide it into four (not necessarily equal) pieces.

What is the Point of concurrency of the medians of a triangle?

The point of concurrency of the medians of a triangle is called the centroid. It is the point where all three medians intersect each other. The centroid divides each median into two segments, with the segment closer to the vertex being twice as long as the other segment.

Which type of line that tests for a function?

Vertical line. If you can draw a vertical line through some part of a graph and it will intersect with the graph twice, the graph isn't a function.