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Yes, torque can have a negative value in physics.

Torque is vector energy. Torque is the vector analogue of Work involving force (F) and displacement (D) vectors and the angle (FD).

For example Work W = -F.D= -|FD|cos(FD) and Toque T = FxD =|FD|sin(FD).

Torque can be negative dependent on the sine(FD).

Work and torque is an example of the quaternion nature of physics; for example

Quaternion energy E = FD = -F.D + FxD, the real energy is called work F.D and the vector energy is called torque, FxD.

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Q: Can torque have a negative value in physics?
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Why is anti-clockwise torque positive?

Anti-clockwise torque is considered positive because it causes an object to rotate in the counter-clockwise direction. In physics, the convention is to assign a positive value to any torque that tends to cause a counterclockwise rotation and a negative value to any torque that tends to cause a clockwise rotation. This convention allows for consistency in calculating and analyzing rotational motion.

What does a positive or negative value mean in physics?

In physics, a positive value typically indicates a quantity that is greater than zero, while a negative value indicates a quantity that is less than zero. Positive and negative values can represent different physical properties, such as direction, charge, energy, or force, depending on the context in which they are used.

What does positive and negative mean in physics?

In physics, positive and negative typically refer to the direction of a physical quantity, such as velocity or charge. A positive value indicates a quantity is moving in one direction, while a negative value indicates movement in the opposite direction. It's a way to describe the orientation or polarity of a physical property.

Is it possible to have negative value in speed and displacement?

No, in physics, speed and displacement are scalar quantities that represent magnitudes and cannot be negative. However, the direction of motion can be indicated by assigning a negative or positive sign to the speed or displacement value.

Why clockwise torque is negetive?

In the context of physics and engineering, the convention is that counterclockwise torque is considered positive and clockwise torque is considered negative. This convention simplifies calculations and allows for a consistent understanding of rotational motion. It is purely a matter of convention and does not affect the physical behavior of the system.

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Can work positive or Negative in physics how?

Yes Work can be positive or Negative.

What is a physics amount?

A physics quantity is a measurable property of a physical system that can be quantified by a numerical value. Examples include mass, length, time, and temperature. These quantities are essential for describing and predicting the behavior of physical systems.

What is absolute value in physics?

In physics, absolute value refers to the magnitude of a physical quantity without considering its direction. It essentially gives the distance of the quantity from zero on a number line, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. This is often used when dealing with concepts like distance, speed, or charge.

What is the torque value for the crankshaft pulley on a PT Cruiser?

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What does trough mean in physics?

The trough in physics refers to the lowest point in a wave, where the displacement of the wave is at its maximum negative value. It is the opposite of the crest, which is the highest point in a wave where the displacement is at its maximum positive value. Together, the trough and crest form the waveform of a periodic wave.