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Yes. For example, one triangle could have a base of 4 units, and a height of 1 unit, which means it would have an area of 2 square units. A different triangle could have a base of 2 units, and a height of 2 units, meaning it would also have an area of 2 square units.

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Q: Can triangles of different size and shape have the same area?
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What condition for a triangle produce triangles that have the same area?

If another triangle has the same three sides, that is, sides of the same length, it will have the same area. Note that this is a sufficient, but not a necessary, condition, since you can also have triangles of a different shape that have the same area.

What are two triangles that have the same shape but are different sizes called?

Those would be SIMILAR triangles.

What shapes have the same perimeter but different areas?

Most shapes can have the same area and different perimeters. For example the right size square and circle will have the same are but they will have different perimeters. You can draw an infinite number of triangles with the same area but different perimeters. This is before we think about all the other shapes out there.

How many different triangles can you draw with an area of 24 square units?

There are an infinite number of triangles with different shapes that all have the same area.

What are triangles that have same shape and not same size called?

Similar triangles

Why can you have a shape with different perimeters but the same area?

they are different because perimeter is the out side of the shape and area is inside of the shape.

What is a three sided polygons with the same shape but not the same size are called?

Three sided polygons would be triangles. Triangles that have the same shape (same angle measures) but are different sizes (different side lengths) would be called similar triangles. In similar triangles, corresponding sides have lengths in the same ratio. If triangle ABC is similar to triangle DEF, then: AB/DE = BC/EF = AC/DF.

What do you call triangles that are the same size and shape?

congruent triangles

What are the properties of a similar triangle?

Triangles are similar if they have the same shape (can be different sizes). As long as they are the same shape, one can be rotated or bigger than the other.

Are Equiangular triangles similar triangles?

Similar triangles are those which have the same set of 3 angles but the length of their sides is perhaps different - in other words they are exactly the same SHAPE but they are different size. Equilateral triangles have all 3 angles equal ( all 60degrees) so the answer is YES.

Two traingles that have the same base always have the same area?

No, because if they have different heights the area will differ between the two triangles.

Are all similar triangles congruent triangles?

No. For example the triangles with sides {3, 4, 5} and {6, 8, 10} are similar but not congruent.