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Yes. In 3 dimensions, lines can be "skew". imagine taking two pencils at different angels and at different heights. lines from them would never intersect

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Q: Can two lines not meet and not be parallel?
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Two lines that never meet?

Parallel Lines will never meet

What is Perpendicular and Parallel?

Perpendicular is when two lines cross... Parallel is when two lines never meet.... _____________ _____________ = PARALLEL LINES If they cross they are perpendicular, if they don't, they are parallel.

What is the difference between parallel lines and parallel planes?

Parallel lines are two 1-dimensional objects that do not meet. Parallel planes are two 2-dimensional objects that do not meet.

Two sides of a triangle are parallel?

No, Because the lines in a triangle meet, so they cant be parallel because parallel lines never meet.

Does adjacent lines mean parallel?

It means when two lines meet. Parallel lines never meet; they stay exactly the same distance apart.

Do parallel lines meet at a 30 dregrese angle?

Lines that meet are not parallel, and parallel lines never meet.

Two lines that will never meet?

parallel lines

Why aren't skew lines parallel?

Because of the way parallel lines are defined. Parallel lines never meet, but to qualify as parallel lines, additional conditions may apply. From Wikipedia: "Two lines in a plane that do not intersect or meet are called parallel lines." Emphasis added.

Two lines that never intersect?

The answer would be parallel lines these lines never meet or cross each other.

What is the angle formed between two parallel lines?

An angle is formed where two lines meet. Parallel lines do not meet. Therefore they do not form an angle. So there is no angle to have a name. So no name.

Two lines in the same plane that never meet?

Two coplanar (in the same plane) lines that don't meet are parallel.

Where do parallel lines meet?

Parallel lines meet in infinity(they don't meet at all)