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Of course they can: 2, 3 & 5: LCM 30

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Q: Can two odd numbers and one even number have a LCM which is even?
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The LCM of the two numbers is 26One number is even and one is odd?

2 and 13

Can 5 odd numbers that if you add them make 32?


What is the sum of two odd and even numbers?

The sum of two odd numbers or two even numbers is an even number. The sum of an odd number and an even number is an odd number.

Which numbers when multiplied by 5 gives an odd numbers?

Every odd number. Multiplying two even numbers gives an even number. Multiplying an odd and an even number gives an even number. Multiplying two odd numbers gives an odd number.

What odd number is divisible by an even number?

No odd numbers are divisible by even numbers.

When multiplying an odd number by an odd number why is the result odd?

The product of multiplication results in a number that has all of the factors of the two numbers being multiplied. All even numbers have the prime factor 2. Since no odd number has the factor 2, no product of those numbers can have it. So: - Odd numbers times odd numbers produce odd numbers. - Odd numbers times even numbers produce even numbers. - Even numbers times even numbers produce even numbers.

What happens when you add an odd number and an odd number?

Two odd numbers always sum to an even number. Always. Two even numbers always sum to an even number, and an odd number and an even number always sum to an odd number.

What is odd numbers and even numbers?

The number divisible by 2 is even & which is not is odd

The LCM of an odd and even number is always even?

False 12 and 9. The lowest is 3. Odd number

Why can't 3 odd numbers equal 50?

3 odd numbers can't be equal to 50 because: odd number + odd number = even number even number + odd number = odd number thus, adding 3 odd numbers will always give a sum which is an odd number too even number.

Why is an odd number and a even number odd?

An even number is divisible by 2 while odd numbers are not.

Why does to even numbers equal a odd number?

What! Even numbers never equal an odd number. Not ever!