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yes a square

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Q: Can two triangles be put together to make a square or rectangle?
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Related questions

Can any two triangles put together make a square or a rectangle?

can two triangles put together make a square

What shapes can you make out of two triangles?

You can make a square, a rhombus, a parrallelogram, a kite, a rectangle, and a trapezoid. If you were to make all these shapes out of two triangles, you would have to have different sized triangles for most of them. If you put the bottoms of both of them together, it will make a diamond shape. But they would have to be the same size.

Does a square and 2 triangles make a rectangle?

yes it does

Can 2 triangles and a square make a rectangle?


When you put 2 triangles together what do they make?

a rectangle

What shapes can you make with two triangles and a square?

a rectangle because the corners can make the triangles and the other part is a square so that's how you know

If using exactly two triangles what shape will that make?

The two triangles would make either a square or a rectangle.

Can any two triangles be put together to make a square or rectangle?

BOTH! halve then both diagonaly and yess you can

Can 2 triangles make a square or a rectangle?

Yes, they can. To demonstrate this draw a square on a sheet of paper. Draw a line diagonally from one corner to the one opposite. Cut along this line and you will have two triangles. Take them apart; if you put them together again in the right way you will have a square. Put together in different ways you can make an isosceles triangle or an equilateral parallelogram. If you do the same thing beginning with a rectangle, you will be able to reassemble the triangles to form a rectangle, isosceles triangle or a (non-equilateral) parallelogram.

Can 4 triangles make a rectangle?

Yes, Four Triangles make a rectangle.

What figure can be bisected diagonally to make two right triangles?

A square or rectangle.

How many triangles make up the shape of a pyramid?

There are 4 triangles that make up a pyramid. 4 on the sides and on the bottom a square or rectangle.

How do you make a parallelogram that is not a square from 4 identical isosceles right triangles?

Two isosceles right triangles, if joined hypotenuse-to-hypotenuse will make a square. Two squares, sided by side, make a rectangle which is a parallelogram, and not a square.

How do you put a square and 2 triangles together to make a square?

A square already has 2 right angle triangles within it

Can any two triangle be joined together to make a rhombus and what are the triangles that can make the rhombus?

no two triangles can make a square

What is 4 triangles and one square?

They are 4 triangles and one square. What they might make when assembled together depends on their sizes and on the shapes of the triangles.

What shape does it make when you put two square together?

a rectangle or square

What figures can be put together to make a trapezoid?

three triangles, and 1 square+2 triangles

What shape can you create with two squares and two triangles?

A rectangle.. If you combine the triangles to make another square and then place all the squares in a row it makes a rectangle. you can also make a trapezium, if you place the 2 squares next to each other and then the triangles beside them...

What shape can you make with 2 squares and 2 triangles?

You can combine the 2 triangles for a square and then add the 2 other squares next to it, and you get a rectangle. :) And you're welcome

Can you make a rectangle out of two triangles and a square?

Sure, place a triangle's hypotenuse (longest side) on the other triangle's hypotenuse, that will give either a square or a rectangle. Then place the square on one end of the rectangle. For this to work though, the length of the square's side HAS to equal the length of the triangles hypotenuses, and likewise each triangle's hypotenuse much equal the length of a side of the square. Hope this is clear.

What quadrilateral does it make if you put 2 right triangles together?

a square...

Why is a square a rectangle and a rectangle is not a square?

A square is a rectangle because the requirements for a rectangle is that it have two pairs of parallel sides. In other words, the opposites sides of a 4-sided shape need to be parallel. This is the case for a square making it a rectangle. The requirements for a square are that a 4-sided shape have congruent sides and angles, in other words, 90 degree angles for each angle, but the added requirement of having all sides equal. While a rectangle can have all sides equal, that would make it a square as well. _________________________________________ I think of it this way: a) Draw an 'x' through both the square and the rectangle. Now count the number of triangles created. b) A square and a rectangle are both: the sum of the area of 4 (equilateral) triangles. c) A square is the sum area of 4 equilateral triangles of the same dimensions. d) A rectangle is the sum area of 2 pair of equilateral triangles. Sooooo, they are both: a sum area of 4 triangles. But not all the triangles were created equal. If they are equal, then you have a square. If they are paired, then you have a rectangle. Basically, a square is a type of rectangle. It's like saying that all blueberry bagels are bagels, but not all bagles are blueberry bagels. Rectangles must have four right angles and four sides. The four sides must include two pairs that are opposite each other and equal in length. Squares and Rectangles meet these requirements, so all squares are technically rectangles. The additional requirement to classify a rectangle as a square is that all four sides must be equal. This is only true for squares, not all rectangles.

How do you make a triangle with 2 triangles and 1 rectangle?

If the 2 triangles are right triangles, which are congruent to slicing the rectangle on the diagonal, then arrange one on top of the rectangle, and the other to the side, so that the two hypotenuses are in line with each other. This will make a bigger right triangle, which is similar to the smaller right triangles - each side is double of the smaller triangles.

What does a square based pyramid look like?

the base is a 2-d square with joined triangles, meeting together to make a corner at the top, the triangles height can be any height, or the square can be any size