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The related link below should more than answer your question.


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Q: Can you Convert bushels to pounds?
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How to convert Bushels to hundred weights?

There are 1.67 bushels per hundredweight. Therefore, to convert bushels to hundredweights, you must multiply?æthe number of bushels by 1.67.

How many bushels of oats in a ton?

62.5 bushels in 2000 pounds

13.6 billion bushels equals how many pounds?

Bushels are a unit of volume so your question makes no sense. Bushels of what?

How many bushels of soybeans per ton?

36.74 bushels of soybeans in one metric ton (2,204.4 pounds) and 33.3 bushels make one US Short ton or 1,998 pounds. 60 pounds per bushel. See the related link below.

Can you convert bushels to square feet?

This is an invalid conversion. Bushels is a measure of volume and square feet is a measure of area.

How much does 40 bushels of soybean weigh?

A bushel of soybean is standardized at 60 pounds, so 40 bushels are 2,400 pounds or 1,089 kilograms, about a tonne.

How many bushels are in 100000 pounds of corn?

Assuming that the corn meets the normal acceptable test weight of 56 pounds per bushel, there are 1,785.7 bushels in 100,000 pounds of corn (maize).

Convert 75 liters compost to bushels?

Use this conversion: liters x 0.02838 = bushels(75 x 0.02838 = about 2.128 bushels)

How do you convert a ton of corn silage to bushel weight?

To convert Silage Tons to Bushels you divide the tons by .15. If you are converting Bushels to tons, you multiply the tons by .15.

How much more bushels when you have 60 pound corn?

If you have 60 pounds of shelled corn (15% moisture), then you have 1.07 bushels of corn.

How many pounds is 40 bushels of dried peas?

2,400 pounds according to the US Department of Agriculture.

How do you convert ear corn bushels to shelled corn bushels?

On average, multiply the ear corn bushels times 0.8 to get shelled corn bushels. This is not an absolute, just a rule of thumb for estimating. The only way to get a truly accurate measure is to go ahead and shell the corn.

Convert pounds to kilos?

To convert from pounds to kilograms, multiply pounds x 0.453592.

How many bushels of sunflower equal one ton?

For the oil type of sunflower seed, there are 24-32 pounds per bushel. So if a ton equals 2000 pounds, then there are between 83 and 63 bushels per ton of sunflower oilseed. For the confectionery sunflower seeds (used for food) there are 24 pounds per bushel, so that would be 83 bushels per ton.

To convert pounds to kilograms you?

To convert pounds to kilograms you multiply pounds by 0.453.

How much bushels of barley in a metric ton?

Assuming the barley meets test weight of 48 pounds (21.772 kilograms) per bushel, there are 45.93 bushels in a metric ton.

How many bushels of wheat will the average silo hold?

The average-size silo will hold up to 75 tons or 150,000 pounds of wheat. Wheat weighs 60 pounds a bushel, so the average silo will hold 2500 bushels of wheat.

How do you convert 16 pounds to kilograms?

To convert pounds to kilograms, multiply by 0.453.

Convert 20000 gallons of LNG into pounds?

convert 20,000 gallons to pounds

How many bushels of wheat in a ton?

A dry bushel of wheat weighs 60 pounds. Therefore a ton of wheat will be just over 33.33 bushels. (2000 pounds/60pounds = 33.333333) This is based on short tonage 2000lbs = 1 ton

How many bushels of corn equal one ton?

AnswerA dry bushel of corn weighs 56 pounds. Therefore a ton of Corn will be just over 35.7 bushels. (2000 pounds/56 pounds = 35.714286)The above answer seems incorrect. One ton (of corn or anything else) is NOT equivalent to 200 but to 2205 pounds (one pound is about 453,6 grams).Therefore one ton of corn is equivalent to 39.375 bushels (2205 / 56).Both of the above answers are correct. A short ton is 2000 pounds. A long ton (not very common) is 2240 pounds. A metric ton (also spelled tonne) is 2205 pounds, or 1000 kilograms.So one short ton of corn is equivalent to 35.7 bushels,One long ton of corn is equivalent to 40 bushels,One metric tonne of corn is equivalent to 39.4 bushels

How much grain does a commercial semi trailer carry when full?

700 bushels, or 42,000 pounds.

How many bushels of soybean meal equal one ton?

1 U.S. ton is 2,000 pounds, so at 60 lbs per bushel, 1 ton is 33 1/3 bushels. For 1 metric tonne, 36.7 bushels are needed.

How can you convert 79 grams to pounds?

Divide by 1000 to convert grams to kilograms. Then multiply by 2.2046 to convert kg to pounds.

How do you convert psi into pounds of force?

How do I convert foot pounds of torque to a tensile strength