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HandicapYour handicap would be 8

No, it definitely would not be an 8. First of all, yes, you can extrapolate a standard handicap from play on an executive course. The formula for calculating an exact handicap is a bit complicated, involving both the rating and slope of the courses played. However, in the case cited, the golfer is 16 over par for 9 holes. The computed handicap would be closer to 30-32.

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Q: Can you approximate a handicap when all you have played is a 9 hole executive course 1603 yds and a par 30 with an average score of 46?
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In golf can you consider a handicap score of 16 respectable?

A handicap of 16 is respectable if you aren't planning on trying out for the PGA. A 16 handicap says your average score is 16 shots over par for that course.

Is 21 considered a low or high handicap in golf?

well it is considered a relatively high handicap in golf, this means the individual would likely average around 93 for all his rounds of golf. one must include slope and rating of the course when calculating a handicap, all handicap calculating programs calculate slope and rating for you. please keep in mind this came from a scratch handicap (0) and that the average golfer shoots 106 in his average round so think of it as your already better than average!!!!

Is a handicap of 7 good?

Yes, i think that is a good handicap. OK you are not a world class player but you most likely shoot around a few over every round. Keep it up, you clearly have potential. ** While not actually true, you can (very) roughly think of your handicap as what you will shoot over par on an an average course on a good day. So a handicap of 7 should break 80 on occasion, which we could call quite good. As additional context, the average golfer shoots 100, and the average golfer that tracks their handicap online is about a 15, so you would definitely be above average on both counts.

Do you round up or down when handicapping?

Neither. A golfer applies his or her exact handicap index to a formula which determines their course handicap for the specific course and set of tees that they're playing. The course handicap for each competitor is used. Those are expressed in whole numbers so no rounding is involved.

What is an executive golf course?

A nine hole course.

3500 m long in 2 minutes 10 seconds What is their approximate average speed for this course?

D. 26.9 m/s

Downhill skiers race over a course that's 3500 m long in 2 minutes 10 seconds. What is their approximate average speed for this course?

26.9 m/s

How do you handicap alternate shots in golf on two-man teams?

Typically, you take 50% of the combined handicaps of both players. Then you apply the handicap to the course handicap holes.....So if the players have a total 14 handistrokes they would get a stroke in Handicap holes 1-14....

What handicap golf an 82 average?

In the UK it would depend on the CSS/SSS and par of the course. In the states I think it goes on par for the course and the slope rating. 82 consistently would put you in the 10-12 or so category.

How do you convert stableford points to a stroke score?

36 points is level your handicap. So you can simply add your handicap to par for the course, then if you have more than 36 points, take the amount you are over 36 points by and take this away from the total of par for the course plus your handicap. And if you have less than 36 points you add how many short you are to the total of par for the course and your handicap. However this will not work if you have had a hole where you were more than 2 shots over your allowance.

Would your handicap be the same on the yellow tees as it would be on the white tees?

No. A true USGA handicap takes into consideration the tees being played. The slope rating and course rating which are used to calculate your handicap are different for each tee.

What is a good handicap for a 18 hole golf course?

It depends how difficult the course is, and how good you are. Mens maximum is 28 and ladies 36.

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