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yes you can take a long board on a plane.

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Q: Can you bring a long board on a plane?
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Can you take alcohol on board a p?

No you can't Bring anytype of fluid on a plane...

Can bring a bicycle on board a plane?

In the cabin - no. Properly packaged, in the cargo hold - yes.

Can you bring glucose tablets on a plane?

probably as long as its ok with security

How long does it take to board a Disneyland plane?

I don't know what you mean by "Disneyland plane". If you mean "a plane that will take you to John Wayne (or Los Angeles International) Airport", it takes about as long as it takes to board any other plane (to a destination in the US, if you're outside the US) at whatever airport you use.

Can you bring your longboard on the plane?

Yes, But in order to do that you'll have to buy a bag for it and sterilise all components of the board.

What does '' I'll bring the game board you bring the ice'' mean?

It means that I will bring the game board and you will bring the ice.

When was Snakes on a Plane - Bring It - created?

Snakes on a Plane - Bring It - was created in 2006-08.

Change plane into a board which contains controls or instruments?

That took me very long to figure out.....the answer is 'PANEL"easy as that!

Allowed luggage for infant?

As long as your infant has a plane ticket, their luggage is aloud. However, for certain items you may have to consalt the plane board, or someone at the airport.

Can you bring your PSP and mobile phone on a plane?

i believe no gaming products can be played on plane.........and if you bring on the plane you have to put it on airplane mode

Can you bring ecstasy on a plane?

Of course you can... if you get that far, and you're an idiot who is happy to receive a long jail sentence!

Can you bring painter's tape in your carry on when boarding a plane?

Yes I did and yes you can! You are allowed to bring tape on to a plane.