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sure, if your reallly skinny. 11 feet minus the table, that leaves 4 feet, 2 on either side. usually you would want to provide a 3 foot wide area to escape any room in an emergency, as per fire code

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Q: Can you comfortably fit a 7 ft diameter dining table in an 11 by 12 ft room?
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How large should a dining room table be to comfortably accommodate four people?

A 6 foot dining room table is large enough to make four people using comfortable and it is not so expensive.

What will be the diameter of a round dining table for 10 people?

Eight Feet will give each person plenty of room

How old is my bernhardt dining room table?

my dining room table have number 152-33 what dose mean

What are dining table pads used for?

A dining table pad is used to protect the dining table surface from spills and scratches. Dining table pads can also add fashion to your dining room.

What size dining room table will seat 10 people?

It depends on the shape of the table. A square table about 6' on each side would easily seat 10, 5' would be possible but probably not comfortably. A round 8' diameter table would work. A banquet table 2.5 X 10 will seat 10 with 4 on each side and one on each end.

What is the standard width of a dining room table?

The average width of a dining room table is the measurement of the table from one long side to the other long side.

What size should a dining table be to comfortably seat 8 people?

An average person can sit comfortably with about a foot of room on either side of their arms and legs. Seating 8 People comfortable, you have to think about how big each chair is on the round side. I would say the diameter completely across would be 12-17ft. depending on chairs and comfortable seating arrangements.

Does the dining table have to match the hutch?

No, the dining room table does not have to match the hutch. For example, if your table were to be finished in paint, while your hutch is in a stained finish, (or vise versa), it would give the room a chic eclectic look. While if you wanted a more traditional style in your dining room, matching the dining room table to your hutch would be a wise idea.

Hoa many can be seated at the Grand Estate Collection Pedestal Glass Top Table Dining Room set?

The Grand Estate Collection Pedestal Glass Top Dining Set will comfortably seat 4 with full place settings.

What is a cover in terms of a table setting?

If the table is in the dining room, it is a table cloth.

What is considered to be the best dining room lighting?

The best dining room lighting would be a chandelier that is centered over the dining room table. This light is ideal because it provides a central light for whatever is taking place on the table.

Is a rectangular or oval shaped table best suited for a small Dining Room?

An oval shaped table in a small dining room will make the room look a little less crowded.