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I suppose, but I never heard of a wall socket with 5 amps. The amperage rating of anything is based on the lesser of either the wire size or the circuit breaker. Minimum wire size for residential wiring has been #14 or 15 amps for years and years. If in fact it is really a 5 amp wall socket, then your question is moot.

If we could all be sure that we could all the time control what is plugged into a wall outlet, we wouldn't need electrical codes, but someday you are going to move and whatever wiring you have will still be there, waiting for the next guy to plug in a toaster oven. Consider yourself forewarned. Lawyers love stuff like this.

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Q: Can you connect an on-line UPS rated 1kVA with only a 15A power cable plug into a wall socket of 5A if you are not likely to load the UPS more than 5A at any time?
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