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Talv is screwing up wiki answers because hes got nothing better to do that idiot

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Q: Can you construct an instrument to draw ellipse?
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What is the independent variable for the ellipse you will draw?

It depends what ellipse you will draw :P

What is the purpose of ellipse tool in Photoshop?

To draw ellipse or circle shapes and paths.

An instrument use to construct a straight line?

an instrument use to construct straight line?

What does elipticall mean?

isn't it an arty word, like when you draw an ellipse-- so when you see/draw something with an ellipse you call it an elliptical drawing

Write a java code to draw a circle inside in an ellipse?

write a program draw circle and ellipse by using oval methods in java

What instrument is used to construct straight lines?

An instrument to construct straight lines is called a rule. It's often referred to as a ruler, but a ruler is someone who rules a country. A rule is a piece of wood, metal or plastic (usually showing measurements) that you can use to draw/construct straight lines.A straight edgeThe most common one is a ruler

How can one draw a perfect ellipse?

One can create a perfect ellipse using two pins on a piece of string and a pencil. Place the pins at opposite sides and then loop the string around them. Finally place the pencil in the loops and pull it around the pins to draw the ellipse.

How do you construct an oval shape?

An oval is simply two circles joined at the sides by straight edges. From your x/y comments (moved to discussion) I would assume what you're trying to draw is an ellipse, which the link below describes (it also shows an oval).

How do you construct an 3 d oval shape?

-- take an ellipse and spin it around its major axis-- take a chicken ....

What an instrument used to construct straight line?

a pencil

Can a compass construct circles?

The only way a compass can be used to create a circle is if you draw round it, because a compass is actually a navigational instrument which shows direction. If you're out in the woods, for example, you use a compass to show you which direction you need to head in. A pair of compasses can be used to construct, or draw, a circle of any size, up to the maximum reach of the "arms".

An instrument used to construct stright lines?

The instrument that is used to construct straight lines is called a rule. Often people make the mistake of calling it a ruler, but its a rule.