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Yes. For more information open discussion question page with more details as to what you want to do.

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Q: Can you convert a light fixture into a plug in?
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Can you convert a plug in light into a fixture?

You should be able to as long as you can mount the fixture. Then just remove the plug and hard wire the wires right into the circuit.

How do you convert a wall light to a plug-in?

Simply replace the light fixture with a plugin. There is most likely a box behind the light that will either accept a plug as is or a cover place can be used to allow the use of a plug in that box.

How do you convert a hard wired fixture to a plug in?

Disconnect it from the hard wired source and install a male plug on the fixture. Small blade is black hot, wider blade is white neutral.

How do you convert a purchased ceiling light fixture that is meant to be hardwired to a swag light that will plug into the wall instead using swag light kit?

yes! Just change the wires. The lamp doesn't care where the electricity comes from.

Can you convert fluorescent tube fixture to accept a led light?

No, the fixtures do not have anything is common other that emitting light. If you are talking about removing the fluorescent fixture and installing a new fixture that can take a LED lamp then the answer is yes.

Is a light bulb considered a fixture?

A fixture is what the light bulb goes into.

How do you convert a purchased ceiling light fixture that is meant to be hardwired to a swag light that will plug into the wall?

Get enough new wire for the length needed and the link chain to make the swag. Attach the new wire color to color and cover tightly with electrical tape. (Better to solder first if you can) Try to tuck the taped connections close to the fixture to hide. Then thread the new wire thru the chain and purchase a separate plug. The plug will have a place to attach the wires to screws and a cover that snaps over the wire. You're ready to plug in.

How do you convert a new hard wire light fixture to a plug in type?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service.To convert a new hard wire light fixture to a plug in type, first shut off the breaker to isolate the power from this fixture. Disconnect the fixture from the hard wiring. Install a receptacle junction box on the end of the hardwired cable set. Install a new receptacle of a type suitable for the fixture's voltage and amperage draw. On the fixture install a flexible cab-tire type SO or SOW cable. Use a strain relief connector to hold the cable into the fixture. Install a plug (cap) of the same configuration to match the newly installed receptacle. Plug the fixture in, turn on the breaker. Now you have a portable fixture that can be moved if necessary.As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.Before you do any work yourself,on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOBSAFELY AND COMPETENTLYREFER THIS WORK TO QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS.

Can you convert a garage light socket to accept a three prong shop light plug in?

If you want to you could remove the light socket and put in an outlet then plug your light into the outlet.

Can you convert a flush mount light fixture to a pendant light fixture?

If the base plate can be removed than a chain ring can be installed with another chain ring installed on the base plate. Add the chain and wires and you have a pendant lamp.

How do you remove the dome from a light fixture?

Take the nut off at the bottom of the light fixture by unscrewing it.

How do you wire a 220 volts light?

The light is wired the same as any voltage fixture. Bring the source voltage to the fixture and connect it to the two fixture wires. If you want to control the off-on of the fixture take the source voltage to a switch first and then out of the switch to the light fixture.

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