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Q: Can you die by falling from twenty feet?
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Can you die from falling ten feet?

You can die from falling one foot, it's all about the landing.

Can an ant die after falling four feet?


Would you die from falling into the ocean from 100 feet?

absolutely not

What would happen if you fell twenty feet?

Well if something broke your fall like tree branches, you would probably get away with a broken bone. But if not you might die. Or if you had a safe soft landing you would survive. And amazingly enough Joan of Arc survived falling 70 feet!

What is eighty percent of twenty seven feet?

80% of twenty seven feet = 21.6 feet

Would you die from falling 30 feet?

It is very possible that you will die when you fall from 30 feet. The way that you land when you fall from that height can cause you to break your neck, crack your skull or even have internal bleeding.

How many yards are there twenty feet?

6 and two-third yards are in twenty feet.

Will you die if you fall 1000 feet?

Most likely as it is about 10 stories but there are reports of humans falling farther than that and surviving

What is 240 inches in feet?

Twenty feet.

How many pounds are there in one twenty feet container?


How do you write 125.25 feet in words?

One hundred twenty-five and twenty-five hundredths feet.

Frank flew feet from falling flat?

(Horse Isle Question) Frank flew ____ feet from falling flat. Answer : five