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Yes. Scalene simply means that a triangle's sides are all different lengths. Obtuse means that a triangle has an obtuse angle. Therefore, you can have an obtuse scalene triangle.

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Q: Can you draw a scalene obtuse triangle?
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What triangle has 17 degrees 32 degrees 131 degrees?

It is an obtuse or scalene triangle having the given angles

What is the difference between an scalene right triangle and a scalene obtuse triangle?

A scalene triangle is a triangle in which all three sides have different lengths. The difference between a scalene right triangle and a scalene obtuse triangle is that in the first one, we can find the measure length of the third side when we know the lengths of the two other sides, and in the second one we cannot.

Is possible to make an obtuse scalene triangle?

Yes, yes it is. A scalene triangle is just a triangle with three different degree values.

Can you draw a scalene obtuse triangle explain?

Yes, it's quite simple. First, let's define what a scalene obtuse triangle is and in so doing show that a scalene obtuse triangle CAN be constructed.'Scalene' means that all three sides are not equal (of different lengths).'Obtuse' means that at least one of the angles is greater than (>) 90o.So, as long as the triangle has 3 sides that are not equal and contains one angle that is >90o, you can create a scalene obtuse triangle.Another way to make sure you can construct the aforementioned is:If you know the lengths of the triagle sides you can add any two(2) of them the sum of which should be greater than the length of the 3rd side. This is know as the Triangle Inequality Theorem.Under the Resources link, there is a website to construct a scalene obtuse triangle as proof.

Can an obtuse triangle ever be a scalene triangle?

Yes. The triangle with sides 7 cm, 8 cm, 13 cm is obtuse (the angle opposite the side of 13 cm is 120o) and scalene as none of the sides are equal.

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